Witches’ brew

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  1. First one could add that the jewish element in egypt, greece and rome was already omni present, second, whites are nive children, the exemple of hitler deutschland shows that once you take out the jewish venom (like taking out MTV and drugs of todays’ kids and put themp back on a farm) a Folk is back on its feet in no time hurrah hurrah. If the idea is that we should work on ourselves first before dealing with the jewish element, the answer is no, it is 5 fot 12. No time left to test such hypothesis. Why should we? You confound empire and FOLK. Empires crash because of parasites and traitors. Our Folk is just brainwashed, mainly by THEM. Or show us an exemple of any celtic or germanic tribe suicidal of guilt ridden before the jewish plot1, christianity.

    • Yesterday I received my copy of Kevin Mac’s Separation and its Discontents, and I’ve spent most of the day reading it.

      What strikes me the most is that, unlike the Muslims that Kevin also mentions, many whites in power have behaved traitorously toward the white peoples when it comes to do business with the tribe. What is happening in the US today seems to be a history that repeats itself.

      Obviously we are more individualistic than Muslims, and thus more prone to betray our people when Sauron (the Jew) offers Ring$ of Power to the corrupted white kings.

      IMHO we need to sacrifice our individuality for a thousand years to make a collective, Judenfrei Reich workable. But just see the WN blogosphere in America and you’ll notice that most of them aren’t willing to recognize that the Führer’s way is the only way (see e.g., most of the commentariat at TOO).

  2. In The Fair Race on page 301 the word “only” is missing: …but certainly not the only active ingredient in the brew.

    • It is certainly missing because according to chemistry catalysts are not the active ingredient; they only enhance the process. At any event I am reviewing FRDH for the second edition. I wish I could have a native speaker who corrects the proofs but I have none.

      • Ah, okay. Thank you for all your work, it is invaluable!

        I’ve noticed a few mistakes in the Sparta text by Evropa Soberana: Xenophon’s year of death, and according to Wikipedia the story of the Minotaur is: “Aegeus must avert the plague caused by his crime by sending “young men at the same time as the best of unwed girls as a feast” to the Minotaur. Minos required that seven Athenian youths and seven maidens, drawn by lots, be sent every seventh or ninth year (some accounts say every year) to be devoured by the Minotaur.”

      • Thanks for noticing when he died. As to the Minotaur, where did ES’s text go wrong?

      • It says on p. 497: “the Minoans ended up demanding, as an annual tribute fourteen young, male Hellenes to be ritually slaughtered”, but according to Wikipedia it was seven males and seven females.

        I am not a native English speaker either, but I will tell you when I find any errors. I really love The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

      • Thank you. I’ll take care of the two errors you mention.

  3. I guess the problem is projected in ancient Greeks myths, the gods symbolized Aryan history of individuality, narcissism and ideal of reaching godhood and commending other gods’ admiration.

    The Orientals avoid the Occidentals’ masochism because they worship their money, peers and ancestors.


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