Linder responds to Johnson

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  1. I seldom agree with Linder, but when I do, I do. It is certainly gratifying to see him rip Greg Johnson a new asshole. Murkan New Right? No such animal. Pink flamingo, suburban Republicans will remain pink flamingo, suburban Republicans. Hey, here’s a novel proposition: Let’s be both Ethno Nationalists and White Nationalists. Dance, baby, dance!

    • Have you seen this? Linder said in that comment:

      Give me a break, fellow. You’re a fucking fascist who won’t fight who’s a queer who won’t admit it who admires Hitler but renounces his methods. Bozo died and appointed you his successor…

      It’s all just fun and games until there’s a real-world movement based on a party, and at that point the stuff your crowd does will be seen as clown show…

      You’ve stated publicly you won’t fight, you hypocritically embrace fighters while rejecting their philosphy and practice, which is a bunch of retarded gobbledygook, which you won’t even allow criticism of on your own site – because you can’t answer it. Then you have the nerve to come over here and talking to me about winning debate? You couldn’t beat me in a debate if your life was on the line.

      Nah, you go “influence” that elite, you swirly-tongued non-narcissistic devil, you. The rest of us will just stand back and watch how it’s done, sweety.

      And latter in the same thread:

      GD has ass-kickers. And they’re willing to kick ass. That’s where it all begins. That’s what our clever boys like Greggy don’t understand. They think essays solve everything, no power need apply. They run shrieking from violence, even as they absurdly style themselves neo-fascists. Fascists means, among other things, you fucking FIGHT your FUCKING ENEMIES. That’s where you ATTRACT people, because you put something on the line, besides a fake name and yet another tiresomely ‘brilliant’ essay?

      And way, way below those comments he added:

      I see Johnson and crew doing exactly what Rockwell advised against: producing monolevel work aimed at the upper middle class, granted, with a homosexual twist.

  2. Don Quixote’s discourse on arms and letters

    The History of Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes — trans. John Ormsby — Part 1 Chp. 38:

    “Putting this, however, aside, for it is a puzzling question for which it is difficult to find a solution, let us return to the superiority of arms over letters, a matter still undecided, so many are the arguments put forward on each side; for besides those I have mentioned, letters say that without them arms cannot maintain themselves, for war, too, has its laws and is governed by them, and laws belong to the domain of letters and men of letters. To this arms make answer that without them laws cannot be maintained, for by arms states are defended, kingdoms preserved, cities protected, roads made safe, seas cleared of pirates; and, in short, if it were not for them, states, kingdoms, monarchies, cities, ways by sea and land would be exposed to the violence and confusion which war brings with it, so long as it lasts and is free to make use of its privileges and powers. And then it is plain that whatever costs most is valued and deserves to be valued most. To attain to eminence in letters costs a man time, watching, hunger, nakedness, headaches, indigestions, and other things of the sort, some of which I have already referred to. But for a man to come in the ordinary course of things to be a good soldier costs him all the student suffers, and in an incomparably higher degree, for at every step he runs the risk of losing his life.”

  3. Interesting article over at the White network written by Thomas Dalton addressing this same Greg Johnson essay. The essay has its faults, (one of which is this idea that white people have rights; i.e. who is supposed to be bestowing these rights? God? Other ethnic groups?), but what I found interesting is that Kevin McDonald has a history of not publishing revisionist material.


    • I tend to agree with MacDonald and Johnson on this issue, but I’m open to the subject.

  4. Linder is a fucking genius. As soon as rumors of Golden Dawn New York started to circulate, antifa appeared out of nowhere to threaten people whose presence hadn’t been confirmed, and when the Golden Dawn New York website appeared, it was promptly taken down by hackers. Linder is absolutely right: There is a constant threat of jew-organized violence against anyone who stands up for Whites, and Johnson’s essays won’t change that one bit.

    WordPress became the venue of choice for many nationalist bloggers, because the terms of service on WordPress don’t prohibit so-called “hate speech”, unlike those on Google’s agitprop websites (e.g., Blogger, YouTube). Guess what? Matt Mullenweg, at least to my knowledge, is a White Texan, and Sergei Brin and Larry Page are jews. No wonder WordPress wouldn’t cave to Chinese censorship demands, whereas Google did…

  5. Johnson seems like an effeminate capitalist using WN as a niche for book sales. His ideas are merely spin to promote his publishing. He actually does not believe in anything concrete.


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