Francis & Himmler

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  1. A good book writer? Sure. Subject matter… leave the psycho-analytical, ‘Christian vs. anti-Christian’ out of it; we have plenty of things to do without more, continuous, self-absorption.

    Start developing a cogent exposition on just how we can create a viable and working government, its various methods of operation, or simply define a practical way of looking at a new Volksgeist, one that will help to usher in a new ethno-state.

    Time all the dreamers and sensitivities were put to good, practical, efforts.

    Keep working….

    • It is not a psychological analysis of “christian vs. anti-christian” what I am after, but a transvaluation of values so that what must be done will be done.

  2. The purpose of this comment — I only now discovered the article — is to advise that one Jorge Bergoglio SJ, Cardinal Prince of the Roman Catholic Church, has been elected Pope, and has taken the pontifical name of Francis.

    • I know; I watched the ceremomy.

      Odd that no Francisco had been chosen for a Pope name in honor of the Church’s greatest “saint”…

  3. Since Nietzsche wrote his Der Antichrist no words of learned professors should be added anymore. That was clarity. We are wasting time.
    Nobody wants to hear that the degeneration of the white man is really a pathology, the western man is ill.

    We can blame the Jews but I have in my article The Jewish Mindset on Renegadetribune shown that a lot of whites have this mindset too, means sexual pathology ( almost nobody in the west knows what natural sex is anymore), a sick drive for status and money.

    There is no political way to stop this momentum of cultural and biological decay as long as our industrial societies are supporting the degenerate .

    Only a total collapse of industrial society, law and order etc. will bring people back to their very roots and give the survivers a chance to clean the deck.

    The only thing we can do is prepare ourselves for that moment so that we can seize the opportunity and make a new start.

    • Which is why I cannot understand why WNsts are so unwilling to watch the videos of Maloney or Schiff, especially the latter’s debates with orthodox economists. Otherwise WNsts would be saving silver in their safe boxes.

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