On Obama’s reelection

One of the best articles, “A White Nationalist Memo to White Male Republicans” by Gregory Hood, was published today.

Note of March 2015: It’s unnecessary to quote the entire article; just click on the above link.


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  1. Thank you for this. Reposting excerpts elsewhere.

    • …and the article has gone viral, even in YouTube:

  2. Thanks for posting this Greg Hood article, I enjoyed it very much.

  3. I just don’t know anymore, really. We spend all this time going over the same ground, trying to start/build ‘movements’, telling whites how to think, what religion should be, what party to follow etc… Sometimes I think we’re not accurately surveying the battlefield.

    Hitler made it clear who he thought the enemy was, in particular through his last letter but how much of the immense German wealth did he use to go after these ‘puppet masters’? Yeah we can build cities, tanks, chase artifacts. create spiritual SS orders, round up the local Pawn shop dealer and his family BUT can he target what, maybe 100 ‘families’ at most.

    It’s nice to see these mini-movements chasing their ‘thousands’ of followers, collecting donations and promising fantasies of setting up mini-fortresses but c’mon. There are 5 billion non-whites out there, and they can pay most of them a dollar a day to swarm you.

    It would be nice if some started asking these hard questions, playing devil’s advocate, and maybe seeing if we can develop a few more strategies besides ‘let’s get some followers, wake people up and start the revolution’.

    • The dollar will crash soon, under Obama. See the entries under the category “currency crash” in the WDH (this is only an appendix). After the crash a window of opportunity will be opened.

  4. As I have written before, the difference between Adolf Hitler and Soviet leaders, and now all white western leaders, is love. Hitler loved his people and wanted a better culture, a better nation to serve his people. Hitler worked tirelessly towards that end. Former Soviet and current white, western, leaders hate their people and work tirelessly to destroy them. That fundamental difference explains the current policies seen in action throughout western civilization versus the lost policies of National Socialism. At their foundation, current policies are constructed by a people of hate. One only needs read their “holy” book to see the virulent hatred they display towards all outsiders. Until white people and leaders relearn this love, a love of themselves, their race, their people, the destruction of white culture will continue. The white man doesn’t need to fight or revolt, he needs to love. The white man needs to love himself, his race and his culture. Until that happens all other efforts will be for naught. It is such love that will serve to diminish the virulent hatred foisted on them by the people of hate.

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