“The Brigade”

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  1. I just finished reading Covington’s “Brigade” after putting it down for a few months. Wow! After escaping the monotonous “espionage”‘section it was beautiful! No novel has ever moved me to tears before.

    Sadly he can’t ditch the photoshopped NVA members…

    • There is a passage in the novel that always I reread it, it still brings me on the verge of tears. It is truly moving: when that poor blond hooker turned Valkyria shot like crazy at the ambush with all MSM recording her angry heroism. Now, that’s what I mean by soul building.

      • Cat’s death and the subsequent vengeance brought me to tears. I must have spent an hour rereading and visualizing Operation Festival. Kicky was such a beautifully tragic figure…

        Chechar, did you notice HAC’s quartet features a dark secret in almost every novel? HOTR had Corey Nash, The Brigade had Kicky, and according to the blurb for A Mighty Fortress features a main character with possible Judaic ancestry. Any ideas about this?

      • No, I hadn’t noticed it. But I have visited my personal library beyond the yard and picked The Brigade so that I can read again what I highlighted two years ago.

        Since they may censor the internet, I would recommend keeping PDFs (I can’t find the exact site of free PDFs of the Quintet) of this novel in our PCs. When the real festival begins we could still handle over copies to other comrades—as was done in the Soviet Union with forbidden literature.


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