On white nationalist ostriches

Further to what I said here.

Again, it is bothersome that Greg Johnson, Matt Parrott and Robert Stark discussed recently about economics with encyclopedic ignorance. Greg said casually something like “in five or ten years…” imagining that Americans will experience Business As Usual—nothing of the sort of a complete collapse of the currency predicted by Austrian economists. Matt said that the government can print dollars infinitely without noticing that this means nothing short of hyperinflation. Stark, as always, speculated on third way economics—a Byzantine discussion for sure compared to the economic Armageddon that the US will face in the near future.

White nationalists in general won’t believe that the Titanic will sink until they are under the water. They are as ostriches on economics as Republicans on racial matters.Too bad, since I wished that decent people like Matt was prepared with precious metals, commodities or even a family bunker when the American dollar will be prized like confetti.

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  1. Matt said that the government can print dollars infinitely without noticing that this means nothing short of hyperinflation.

    I was making a joke which apparently fell flat.

    Our departure is, in my opinion, relatively minor. I believe that the FedGov will enjoy an Indian Summer of relative stability because its centralization, wealth of resources, and military might will empower it to impose both economic and social order while the Eurozone and BRIC countries grapple with the situation at hand.

    Global capital will flee to the safe harbor of the United States under the false illusion that we’re immune to the problem…when we’re actually merely disguising and delaying it.

    The situation’s coming here, but my prediction is that America will be the very last place to grapple with it…and will grapple with it more acutely when that hour strikes.

    As an aside, “Katrina Writ Large” is precisely why I’m not that concerned about a “race war” in America. What you saw in the wake of Katrina were minorities clustering into desperate and cannibalistic shelters desperately awaiting relief while Whites were already, even with that minor blip in the matrix, shooting Blacks on sight who roamed into the wrong neighborhoods.

    The demographic, economic, and tactical advantage of Whites in America is so great that there couldn’t be a race war…only a collection of scattered and one-sided skirmishes.

    • I stand corrected about the joke, but this last sentence of yours assumes that no scenario like the linked video can ever happen in the US. It will, and can only hope that you and your family are well prepared.

      P.S. of 2016. And now Johnson has written the ridiculous statement “Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States because he is the only candidate who can credibly deliver what we really want: safety, prosperity, and peace.”

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