St Martin & the Beggar

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  1. to have the picture complete we also need to know who mingled the wisigoths with, it was not an empty peninsule so to speak. further the north of spain (baskenland) is thriving economically and whiter then the rest of europe, so a kickback is not impossible

  2. Cesar,

    Here’s another of my posts that MacDonald deleted, between the equal marks in response to Frozy’s comment in the “Secession” thread.

    I guess MacDonald feels that it’s ok to leave non-whites (including Jews) inside White living space. In fact, I believe he has stated just that either in one of his books or elsewhere.

    Frozy said:
    November 19, 2012 – 10:59 pm
    “If a new predominantly white country was carved out from the US, the chance are that it would become more prosperous than it not-so-white neighbours within a couple of generations. So far so good, but … This would lead to a repeat of the conditions that transformed the US from what it was at end of the 19th to what it is today: Third world immigration accepting to do menial tasks, creeping in of doctrines that would, within a generation or two, seduce and pervert again a non negligible portion of the descendents of today’s secessionists. For these reasons that shouldn’t too hard to discern, I think secession along states, counties, or whatever, is doomed to failure and therefore is an air-brain scheme. The current war is a war that is waged for people’s mind wherever they are in this country, so not a square inch of it should be forsaken. The front line of that war is not a physical one, but a virtual one, in everybody’s brain.”

    Mark replied:
    “Exactly right! That’s why non-whites must be removed from all Whitelands globally. To do otherwise ensures White racial extinction, though over a longer period of time.”

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