Alex Linder vs. Hunter Wallace

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  1. Very important exchange. Thank you for posting it. Mike

    • Yes, and I tried that my excerpts conveyed a balanced picture of the much longer exchange at VNN (which still continues today, but not about Christianity).


  2. Neither of these individuals are WN’sts, but each have a part of the whole: One ‘active’, the other ‘cerebral / philosophical’, and both are pedantic in their own way.

    This linder guy has been the constant source of disagreement in this ‘movement’ (non-WN) for many years, and even those he has supported in the past and the present, have caused untold division and strife – not unity. And where, you may ask, are his ‘street activists’? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Hunter Wallace, (Brad G. ?), started out good, but was soon burned out by all the ‘players’ in the game, and simply went ‘back home’ to play. We all have a part of the puzzle, but even thought I do not trust, or like the basic rhetoric of Linder, I think his world-view is probably the best – but that does not carry the whole pail of water.

    Thanks for posting this.

    • This is one of the best replies of Alex to Brad in that incredibly long thread.

  3. On the one hand Christians argue that you only are a real Christian if you live up to the doctrine, on the other hand they want people calling themselves Christians to been seen as Christians when it suits them.

    If people in the past calling themselves Christian prove that you can be Christian and WN, or at least a man with balls, Nancy Pelosi would prove that you can be a Christian and in favor of abortion.

    In fact, many people call themselves Atheist nowadays because they consider the people who call themselves Christian to be hypocrites because the people who call themselves Christians would be “racist” in contradiction to their own doctrine.

    Pim Fortuyn proved that exactly the things Christians say they hate the most about Atheism, i.e. hedonism and moral relativism, is the gateway to politically incorrect thinking.


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