Who We Are (26)

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  1. “The duration of the task will be decades at least…” wrote Pierce. I thought of the ongoing exchange at VNN Forum with Brad Griffin. Griffin doesn’t seem to acknowledge that the star of white nationalism has not born yet. He assumes it will never been born; that the only thing we got is ethno-nationalism.

    As I said in my book-review in WDH, “Towards White Zionism,” this may not be the case: whites might evolve psychically to develop specific, white racial consciousness in the coming future.

    • Does the National Alliance have any plans to publish this? From the articles I’ve read on PDF it’s pure gold. It’s tempting to just submit it to Lulu and see what happens. Are Dr. Pierce’s works still NA property?

      • Greg Johnson claimed somewhere that he asked permission to publish a collected edition of Pierce’s work to NA and that they were uninterested.

        The bold Lulu idea had occurred to me also. However, since the intention of Pierce was adding images, an editorial oversight is in order before just sending the rough MS to Lulu.

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