Iranian for Aryans latest entry is called “In case it’s not published,” of which I quote most of it below:

I wrote the following commentary in response to this essay.

Sound and fury signifying nothing. There’s nothing “Radical Traditionalist” about these “works”.

If you want real Tradition check out music from the Western canon: chant to (some) Shostakovich; take your pick.

Modernists, almost all of whom are either degenerates, charlatans, or both, represent a creative and spiritual anti-Tradition degeneration. Pärt, like others, saw that his serialism was not filling concert halls nor paying dividends, so he followed the changing times and attempted to create a niche for himself. The result? An empty and very insipid attempt at “numinosity”; if one may deign to call it such.

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  1. There is only pretentious know-nothingness by those who claim Arvo Part & Co. achieve numinous heights and depths. Part, like Messaien, and Ligeti, are trash. Real heavenly music can be found in the sacred music of the Western Masters.


    • As explained here I still love Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna which is a mixture of both the atonal and the tonal.

      • We’ll disagree then, but I’m sure that you’re familiar with his other compositions. They are not good, shall we say?

      • No: I only have two old LP disks of Ligeti that my father bought in the late 1960s or early 70s as a result of listening to Ligeti’s music in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

        I like the compasses that Kubrick chose for both the Moon landscape scenes and the eerie Requiem by the end of the film.

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