Who We Are (23)

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  1. Great entry! :)

  2. Whites are too nice with their racial enemies.

  3. Did you see how the dream of the 7 fat cows and the 7 “skinny”, is the proto-plan of how the jews drives the economy in cycles?
    How Joseph eventually robs the people and turn all values over to pharaoh and himself?
    Communism from “capitalism”?
    I am amazed people haven’t seen through all this shit in O.T. earlier.

  4. Outstanding analysis and assessment of the Jews and their history. One cannot understand the Bible unless one understands Jewish history, religion and culture. If one truly understands the Bible, then one has grasped the essence of the Jew. Modern Christians cannot comprehend the cultural environment suffered by the Second Temple Jew, yet this essence of this culture survives to this day. For the Jew law is everything, for it is through law they build and exercise power. Jews of the second Temple did not discriminate between religion, government or politics, all came under the centralized sacrificial system imposed by the Temple priesthood or “Kohanim.” Kohanim is the plural form of priest. Cohen is derived from the word Kohein, the singular form. Other cultures typically have certain immutable laws considered intrinsically right or wrong, like murder, theft or rape; not so the Jew. The peculiar overriding concept of Jewish law is that there is no concrete law, after all Moses smashed the commandments written in stone by their tribal God YHVH. Instead one might describe their religious law as situational law. The law is arguable and the actions of an individual or group can either be fully justified or punished depending on conditions and the ability of the accused to argue the given evidence. By law, what constitutes a criminal act among Jews may be fully justified and exonerated when carried out against a gentile. However, if a legal authority is able to convince the courts/judge otherwise, then that will be the law in that instance. Legal precedence is set by example. If the legal authority can present a sufficient number of previous examples that support his claim then he can carry the case. Conversely, the case can be made of examples that prove opposition to an opponent’s case. The Torah is filled with legal precedence. The sacrifice of Isaac sets the precedence of substituting a sacrificial animal in lieu of the firstborn son. For Jews the law is fluid and like a river can be endlessly altered to fit the needs of the moment. To this day, young Jewish boys win their gold stars arguing the points of legal minutiae of Talmudic law. One might consider the fact that Jews claim to have won arguments with G_d, not to mention midnight wrestling matches. This was the situation then, as it is now. Jesus led a legal rebellion against the Temple. He was well versed in the law, as Temple scholars discovered when he impressed them with his knowledge at age thirteen. Thus, every act of Jesus, outside of healing, was a refutation of Levirate law. And therein lies the crux of the matter, Jesus was wholly opposed to the Temple and it’s sacrificial laws. This is unmistakable when one considers his accusations as described in Matthew 23. There is nothing magical or mystical about the story of Jesus, it is only the Jewish storyteller that has imparted that cast through the usual embellishment common to these people. Jesus lived and died leading a rebellion against the Temple. Like other rebels, he fought against the laws and the customs of a corrupt, debased, system that used the name (power) of god to enforce its dictates upon the people. One only needs to study the structure of the Temple to see the immense wealth displayed by the kohanim. That immense structure lay on a decapitated mountain that was the largest man made plateau in existence. This lavish monument to the G_d YHVH was funded, built and carried on the backs of the common man, the Temple follower. Jesus carried out his rebellion as an insider, a whistle blower, a priest with full authority to make and reverse legal proclamations. That authority is what separated him from other messianic figures of the day. It was that reneged authority that outraged the Temple authorities who, more than once, called for his death. Ultimately, his final act of rebellion was to become the Paschal lamb, the last blood sacrifice to the Temple. That act was the beginning of the end. Less then thirty years later, another rebellion led to the final destruction of the Temple and its bloody sacrificial system.

  5. White people……what are white people?
    If it is a matter of “nature” one can claim that whites look the cleanest.
    in reality, there are two descriptions of white, and if one is truly white one has to be both. Like the Jews are both racial and religous. Their culture is both an ethnicity and a religon. “White” is a color, spiritually it is a symbol of purity. “White spirituality”, “White magic”, “the white brotherhood” “the great white spirit” as the native americans call it.
    The Essenes talked about “the sons of light” they were not talking about people with a certain color of skin, but people who were spiritually pure, “full of light”. Racially, Hebrews are what I call “brownish white”, truly white people have white skin, many Jews and anglo-Saxons have white skin. Germans on the other hand, if you look at the color of their skin it is a mixture of red, orange and white. That is why Nazis did not call themselves white, they called themselves Aryans, it was the Americans who called themselves white, which they are so proud of and where on their sleeve. The problem is that Nordics are neither racially white nor spiritually white. Hebrews desended from a pure white race, this is why even though they have dark roots from the middle east they still see themselves as white(many times they come off whiter than nordics). In effect, the Nordics want to be the Jews because ever since Rome gave them Christianity they have been taught to hate Jews, but at the same time they were always comparing themselves to them, “the children of Israel” and their biggest fear would be for them to be on “the other side”, on the side of the heathens-pagans-gentiles. NO! It is the Jews who are the new heathens now! Because they did not accept the New Testament! The Bible has given Europeans a inferiority-superiority complex.

    We must know what we are talking about, Italians, Jews, Arabs, Hindu’s, even the Greeks were “golden skinned” deffinatly not black, but also not “white”. In reality, the Northern Europeans are earthly representatives of “The Scandinavians” that built the civilizations of the Meditarianean. Northern Europeans know that Jews and Italians and everything that came out of the mediteranian are not actually non-white….Aryans yes but non-white. Although they desended from white races, they have non-white genes. Jews have non-white genes, Italians have non-white genes. Semites are a dark version of the original semetic race, which was actually the purest and whitest of all races, even whiter than the Aryans.
    As I said, Aryans are a red race, if you look at most blonde haired blue eyed people, they have red skin, not white.
    So Aryans–Nordics, think that they are something they are, they are not white, they are red, they want to be white.
    It is true that Europeans have a racial nature that is distinkt, and as I said, they know that Italians, Jews, and even Greeks, while to the untrained eye they may appear white, in reality they have non-white genes.
    Aryans have perfect features, that is a trait of their race.
    Semites have distinguished noses, V shaped faces, that is a trait of their race. Arabs and Hindus are not the same. Jews and Europeans are not the same either.
    They are all non-the less divisions and subdivisions of white mankind.
    Spiritual whiteness is about perfection and love, unless someone is perfect, his skin may be white but he is not white. Aryans are the people of bliss, Semites are the people of hard bitten truth.
    Thus the reason why Hindus prefer to be enchanted and Arabs prefer to reject idols, these are racial traits. Europeans know who they are, and they know that Jews and Italians have what they would see to be corrupted blood.
    Europeans did not call themselves white before Christianity, non-white victims of Christianity (back when it was a white man’s religon) complain about that.
    Europeans were not simply the purest of the Aryan race, which they are, but they were “white”, “clean”, “pure”, “without fault”. This perception made them think they had the right to enslave non-whites, eliminate entire animal species and cut down as many trees as they wanted, because after all, trees aren’t white! This attitude was something the Nazis hated much more than any jewish leftist ever could, perhaps this is why they rarely reffered to themsleves as “white”, because the people who called themsleves “white”, “Christian”, “capitalist”, “humane” were their enemies. The White Russians for an example!
    They were also the enemies of the negro’s, native americans, Indians, all the animal kingdoms; under false morality, “the whites” did many non-white things, under Christianity they did many un-christian things.
    It was the lie that got up the nose of the Germans. Germans did non-white things too, they were not Christians, but they did not call their crimes “white”, infact they dressed their SS in black.
    They’re cruelty was honest, they did not exterminate their adversaries in the name of love, and they did not think that bread was from heaven.
    Survival and living-space was the reason for their acts of violence, not “Jesus”.

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