A deeply dishonest man

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  1. I hadn’t looked at that thread since I made the posts and I am not pulling it up again, however, the citations request is odd.

    The three events I mentioned regarding Jewish hypocrisy can easily be located with a simple google search using the descriptions I provided (the third one, about Hollywood, was in the LA Times; I didn’t recall that at the time and found it simply by looking for it).

    Anyone can do that. All it takes is the willingness to investigate claims on their own terms, instead of expecting all the answers to be served up on a platter – which tends to be a better way to find the truth anyway.

    People who WANT to believe in their predetermined positions tend to ask for proof and refuse to go looking for evidence on their own; I have seen this repeatedly in numerous other areas. It’s laziness, and I have gotten to the point where I don’t choose to indulge laziness.

    • Do you remember the thread where Taksei lied about you at GOV?

      Btw, to me it’s more worriesome that the gentile Ned May is willfully blind on this issue, since unlike Taksei he is not a half-Jew (and there are millions like Ned in America).

      • It wasn’t at GOV, it was at Mangan’s – one where he showed up, proclaimed hellfire and damnation upon all of us, and flounced out. I don’t remember the exact one becuase I’m not obsessive about detailing things like that – it was prior to the GOV blowup. I do remember that I had made a comment early in the thread, and in his “I’m leaving you all to your antisemite insanity” post he specifically named me as saying things that were the exact opposite of what I had said.

        (Ironically, it was his behavior that helped move me toward precisely the position he was denouncing.)

        Since Mangan’s has apparently had all past posts scrubbed, finding that would be hard now. The thread content is probably preserved somewhere on Blogger if one knows the right URLs, or can find them. But like I said I am not obsessive about things like that.

      • Too bad that Mangan deleted those threads on Taksei that I remember so well.

  2. And it’s even funnier that he asks if I actually read the Taksei pieces when I start out by making clear that I DON’T read his pieces anymore, and WHY I don’t.

    • This is my longest entry about Taksei: link

  3. ‘Chuck said…

    Rollory said: “I do say genocide is justified at times, depending on perspective, in the same way that killing a man is justified at times – depending on perspective.”

    Are you fucking kidding me?’

    Ask any “America Patriot” if the Indian Wars were justified to birth his favorite country. A negative reply indicates he’s not a patriot. An affirmative reply means he’s a raayciss, and possibly an unconscious White Nationalist. Great values lies in verbally crushing the patriotard movement. They will co-opt us unless we remain on the offensive.

    • They can’t co-opt anything. The dynamic of the general situation won’t permit it. All the social factors that are increasing in significance work directly at cross-purposes with what the Jedi advocate.

    • Note of 5 years later:

      In the relocated post on WDH I omitted Chuck’s remark from the quoted thread; it’s cited by Snake above anyway.


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