Who We Are (14)

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  1. Chechar how do you see the BeforeChr. part?
    I my opinion Pierce here is wrong about his analysis of the ‘more mediteranean’ celts, they were just as german and as blond as all other nordics, untill the jewish merchants and the roman legion officers that installed themselves with all their thousands of north afiican slaves and soldiers had mixed at a point, the celts had become irrecognizable. Just like has been written here in further extent in Portugal in 16th century (and as wil happen to all northern countries in the 21st))
    Another theory I have a hard time with is the ”Indo European peoples invading form the Caucasus” -theory or where ever one situates their origins. So what happened to the native peoples of Europe before them? Those who built Stonehenge and the Hunnebeds of the Lowlands, Danmark and Germany? Those who wrote runes and masterd bronze, where those people annihilated completely? Did they racemix with the incoming ‘indoeuropeans? And the romans, they were just ‘latins’? Right. What happened to all those cro magnons living for thousands of years in the valleys all over europe and all other human existence that can be traced back to 800.000 BC in England. They all vanished? Dissapeared? Me thinks that the theory of the invasion out of the east is completely wrong and Thule is our true origin. Makes so much more logic. Me think cro- magnon is still fighting neanderthal, and all has been reversed for the sake of ‘their’ history, that we are constantly invaded by neanderthals, you can call them jews, huns, or arabs. What do you think?

    • “Neanderthal” is exactly the word I have been using for decades, even before I discovered WN, when thinking about non-whites. And yes: Celts were blond and altogether white.


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