Homo debate continues

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  1. Again, you’re spot-on, Cesar. The homosexuality pushed by Greg, James, Jack & Co. is one that was eschewed by the Greco-Roman world as it, as correctly shown by you and other scholarly works on the subject, was pederastic.

    I don’t find it surprising that the company above is “oblivious” to the ancient Nordic tribes considering homosexuality with the greatest of opprobria and punishing sodomites with live burial.

    Oh, and James, with his promotion of Burrhoughs will not come out, so to speak, and state that he likes boys (which he does), as this is too far out there for our current credulities. This, of course, will change as the pretentiously titled “New American Right” (a collection of armchair philosophers) will mould itself to accept yet another grotesquery of modernity as every other bound-to-be-defunct WN “movement” has in one form or another.

    I really think that the pederastic James-type of people, WN notwithstanding, should be killed for such a deviance. Round him and his Burrhoughs types and execute these freaks.


    • Not sure if James likes adolescents; he seems, at least, to approve homosexualism among coeval, post-teen adults. I reacted thus mainly because I found the homo images in his blog completely disgusting and detrimental to the movement.

      • I’m basing it on two things: 1) His website (just like you), and 2) the strong prideliction of fags towards pederasty.



      • I may be a little ignorant of the so-called gay movement, but at least what can bee seen on TV and in Wikipedia when I edited there (there are more homos in the Wiki than in San Francisco) is that the movement is basically an adult movement for adults—which is what to my mind makes it so disgusting.

      • I’m quite familiar with this freak movement and they like boys.

      • I’d need stats. How percentage of homosexuals are strictly pederasts? Or even better: how many of them feel revulsion for adult males (only attraction to teens)?

        Without stats there’s no solid argument; a kind of anonymous polls research, etc., I would need to change my mind.

      • I don’t know of quantitative data, but that’s not the point. There is sufficient qualitative data to prove the issue. Brown’s “AQueer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” is a good puriew of the topic; viz. the seventh or eighth chapter.

  2. James O’Meara and his type are degenerates, and, for the sake of racial hygiene, need to be removed from the White body. It has nothing to do with hate, it is simply a matter of health. This is why Harold Covington is right in taking the position that no faggots should be allowed to live in a White homeland; a homeland that exists for the strengthening of the race. That is National Socialism, and that is what is needed.

    • James is not even a white nationalist once you see how specious his pro-homo arguments are; and how he evades answers to simple questions.

      • Elaborate.

      • He hasn’t replied to my comment.


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