The “Movement”

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  1. A great collection of Classical music can be found at, including many German war-time recordings!

  2. A real White movement hasn’t existed since the second Klan of the 1920s. Its Christian underpinnings couldn’t save it from liberalism precisely because both share a common root. IFA is correct, there isn’t a movement. He’s not the first to make such an observation. I highly recommend James Mason’s “Siege” once again as required reading.

    We currently lack the power to undo all the damage culture distorters have wrought upon our music, cinema, and art. Classical music is always preferable to modern garbage. But what of the uninitiated Whites we seek to attract? Is there a suitable folkish low music for them to partake of?

    • Folk music is OK for the common people, even the Irish folk that Covington likes. But the thing that we listen on TV and most of the radio and Hollywood is toxic for the white spirit. Really toxic I mean.

      • Agreed wholeheartedly. It’s amazing how quickly cable harms the White soul. Watching people watch TV is a grand pastime. As an aside, check out the ambient works of Varg Vikernes. He’s been resisting Judeo-Christianity in Norway for decades. Despite speaking the truth in interviews, his music still sells in corporate record shops.

      • I checked that music and found it terrible. As IFA says above, how can a WN “house the soul of a nigger”? (Go figure: I listened to that music right after listening one of my favorite melodies when I was a teen: Beethoven’s Leonora No. 3) In his article IFA didn’t use any image but my chosen image of an albino black woman fits his words.

        Only when music becomes healthier I’ll know that whites are healing up. (Counter-Currents’ infatuation with James and homosexualism can only be externalized as degenerate music.) But I am afraid that it’ll only happen after billions die later in this century. For the moment, one of the very few contemporary exceptions, a true masterpiece for piano that could have been composed in Beethoven’s Vienna, was composed by Dario Marianelli for the Pride and Prejudice 2005 movie (piano performed by Jean-Yves Thibaudet).

  3. Varg is an odd one. Lamenting nigger music in one interview and throttling electric guitars in subsequent albums. His racial writings inspired me as a youth. Alas, the conditioning still needs to be overcome. A double does of Tchaikovsky and Tveitt is in order!

    • Incidentally, I am listening to VNN’s audio clips of Mason’s “Siege” and it sounds really spot on. Thanks for the tip. I will continue the listening now…

  4. Completely off topic –

    Auster just posted a comment that includes the following text:

    “But then, crime is no worse when committed by blacks. It’s just that a disturbing number of blacks commit crimes, and a disturbing number of Jews are liberals. And then the really uncomfortable question springs to my mind: If I hadn’t been born Jewish, would I be something of an anti-Semite, albeit a mild one? and I have to say that yes, I expect I would be. One is simply worn down by the endless profusion of Jewish subversives, in the same way one is worn down by the endless profusion of black criminals. Sometimes it really is appropriate to be ashamed of one’s family. ”


    • Wow. I wonder what would Baron Bodissey say (I guess the JQ at GOV is still forbid)?

  5. Fender has just commented at TOO:

    That video made me cringe. Speaking as a Yankee, those southern accents are going to result in a lot of snickers and eye-rolls, even from non-liberal Whites. Not saying the message is wrong of course, I’m just stating a truth: a lot of people have trouble taking southerners seriously, especially accented southerners.

    Everthing today is about presentation. A video of big-breasted southern women in tank tops talking about White genocide is just going to get laughed at. Also, the “stop White GeNOcide title” is just stupid. Is it a request? Who are they addressing? The people who are committing the genocide? It sounds more like a desperate plea to me, and if there’s one thing that this movement is, it’s desperate.

    It’s a shame that so many Whites in this movement (at least 99%) have no conception of aesthetics, communication, or presentation. If we keep producing bad videos, bad cartoons, bad literature, and bad everything we’re not going to get anywhere.

    That’s why I laugh at all those retard skinheads who play their trashy “White power” music and think they’re setting a good exampe for their race by behaving like primitives. You want to know what real White power music is? It’s found in the compositions of men like Haydn, Wagner, Beethoven, and Strauss: well-bred, aristocratic men who knew and understood that art is about inspiration, not feeding your own hatred. [my emphasis]

    How many people in this movement qualify as degenerate, honestly? Probably the vast majority; physically and intellectually. The media image of the “White nationalist” as an uneducated overweight thug is not another jewish lie, it’s unfortunately the truth. Not the people on this site obviously, but this site in no way represents the majority of right-wing Whites.


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