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“Whites seem to have this knee jerk response in giving approval to other races but the empathy is rarely reciprocated. It’s like living in a fantasy. I guess the desire to avoid being called ‘racist’ is so strong in some people they’d rather see their entire race collapse than be called the R word. But the other races don’t seem to have this handicap.”


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  1. I’m an anti semite does that make me a bad person? I think if more of us call our selves anti semites it will make a big difference in peoples perception when used in the right context.

    I want equal rights & not be discriminted against by the jews for my anti semitism.

    We have to be proud that we are anti semites.

    • I prefer the term “Jew-wise”: being conscious of the JP.

  2. “Jew -wise” sounds nice…I can just see friends of 88 saying it. Risk at times must be taken & F the JP….

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