Australia is gone

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  1. Good on you Pat.

  2. Fair comment.

    You are right about the direction of public comment in Australia. Today I left the TV on at the ABC and subliminally experienced a constant barrage of put-down in the service of NWO Multiculturalism.

  3. Oh, like other posters here, I am an Australian who has been coming too TOO for over a year now. TOO has been like a tiny island in a hostile sea for me, because as rightly pointed out, I do not have the same freedom that my United States brothers and sister have. I am really quite devastated to be excluded from commenting on this important article about my country and its people. Why Professor Macdonald? Why? Please pay us the courtesy of a an explanation.

  4. In defense of Andrew Bolt, I would say he’s well aware that even a hint of criticism against Jews or Israel would shut him right out and that would be a dumb move for a smart bloke like him.

  5. When one reaches the point of realisation of the seemingly impossible situation we are all in ,which can only be understood through the understanding of what has really happened to us and those around us are still asleep? perhaps what is going to occur will wake everybody up,but I am afraid it will be to late.

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