A Jewish coup d’etat

There is a new Holocaust museum/memorials in Moscow but not a single Gulag/memorial.

—A commenter


The so-called “Russian” revolution was in reality a Jewish coup d’etat (planned, financed and executed by Jews) with horrible genocidal consequences. Normally Jews try to take control of a nation “from above”, i.e. by infiltrating and manipulating its elite. In Russia this was not possible since Jews were confined to the Pale of Settlement and forbidden to enter the big cities. Hence the Jews started a revolution “from below”, so-called to “liberate the proletariat”. Once the Jews had captured power they eliminated the Christian elite (“class enemies” ) and enslaved the proletariat, creating an absolute hell on earth (the “Jewish Utopia”). Stalin was not anti-Jewish, he was only anti-Trotsky, though in the process of eliminating the Trotskyists he killed also some Jews. The essential Jewish character of the Soviet Union however remained intact. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the Jews again gained the upperhand, this time in a “capitalist” version as oligarchs who robbed Russia of 60% of its wealth. It is only under the enlightened autocratic regime of Putin that the worst of Jewish destructive power has been removed, though the process has by no means been completed.

Such a hell on earth the Jews now have planned for the US also.

—Franklin Ryckaert

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  1. Another comment I found on some old blog, I can’t even remember which one :

    On May 22, 2012 at 5:46 pm Panina said:

    A small note: the “French revolutionaries” of 1789 were actually a very small and very organized splinter group, with financial backing, defined leaders, and access to precise field intelligence, such as the state of Parisian garrisons, the location of weaponry caches, and the assurance that Louis XVI would refuse to fire on them. Certainly not a huge and spontaneous popular wave inspired by the “ideals of the Renaissance” as it is commonly thought in the Anglo-Saxon world (as if the average individual was actually reading books in that time!).

    Not more than 500 people took part in the Bastille assault, and no resistance was actually offered by the prison troopers. The group then drew support from parts the Parisian population, but their numbers never really came above 2000. The French masses taken globally were either apathetic or softly supportive of the monarchy.

    This was a Coup, like every other “popular revolution” in history.

    Can we therefore say it was a manifestation of White liberalism? That would be tantamount to viewing the 1917 Bolshevik “revolution” as a manifestation of a Slavic tendency toward communism.


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