America’s unpardonable crime

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  1. As a commenter said today at WDH:

    Of course it’s true that the mentality of the Puritans has done immense damage to our people, but where did that mentality come from? It came from the jewish mindset in the Old Testament. We would live in an unimaginably different and better world if our race had never come in contact with this vile tribe or its twisted mentality. It’s remarkable how similar the outlook of abolitionists was to modern liberals regarding race. The numerous crimes committed by the Union armies against Southern civilians and the treatment of the defeated South is reminiscent of the treatment of defeated Germany by the Allies. Christianity, despite all attempts to digest this alien, semitic philosophy, has sickened and warped the aryan soul. It needs to be rejected as our spiritual guide before we can deal with the universal parasite.

    • I have felt for some time that my adherence to Christianity is unnatural somehow. I am an American of a merry mix of Northern European ancestry. I have recently come to realize that the religion and beliefs of these ancient Semitic peoples is not appropriate to me at all. Likewise for the modern-day Roman manifestations of these (Catholicism, Protestantism). What is appropriate for me? How am I ever to figure this out?

      • You need National-Socialism (Aryan Tribalism). Keep on reading “The West’s Darkest Hour” (linked at the sidebar, top right).

  2. Great quote! :)

  3. That statue of the baby being strangled at the top of the blog, what is that? It’s very disturbing.

    • Must be a bug or something: there’s no such image.

  4. I appreciate your spirit. However to blame Americans as separate from Euro culture only deepens the problem.

    Europe was at war before we joined.

    We are just as European as people on the Continent. Our involvement was no different than any of the other European tradionally colonial powers around the world throughout history.

    We have to solve the race issue together. A new cold war will help noone.

  5. The Masonic revolution in America was European to the core. It was begun in England and was a continuation of the English revolution and the long standing conflict between parliamentarians and the crown.

    Europe is one people. Any attempt by regional nationalists to divide us between Europe and America into two opposing peoples will result in our mutual downfall.

  6. The roots of democracy are to be found in Greece. The roots of American Capitalism are to be found in England. The roots of Masonry are to be found in Europe.

    What ails the entire White race is Judaism, not Americans.

  7. The roots of democracy are to be found in the forests of Germany and the tribes of northern Europe. America that you know and love is dead. There is no possibility of counter-revolution in America.

    • America was always decadent. At least since WW1.

  8. The Greeks practiced what John Winthrop would have called a “mixed aristocracy” in which a limited franchise of property owning males voted on which aristocrats from amongst themsleves would rule for a period. This system obviously had little to do with what moderns call “democracy”.

    Aristocracy or monarchy and aristocracy under the rule of law is the only authentic form of European goverment. Democracy is a red herring allowing middle class foreign bankers and merchants to gain the upper hand over any society’s organic elites. This is why the jews push “democracy” ad nauseum. Once the media is in jewish hands they can get anybody elected they want when this power is combined with campaign donations, blackmail and assasination.

    Once a European society’s organic elites are overthrown (French revolution late 18th c, Bauer family takeover of Bank of England early 19th c, end of the aristocratic Republic in America early 19th c.), the plundering and subjection of that society can begin in earnest.

    Mixed aristocracy was the original form of American government that prevailed in old New England and the South where the property owning freemen elected members of the native gentry (aristocracy) under the rule of law (English Constitution including Magna Carta) all under the English King.

    Democracy: The God that Failed is a must read that goes a long way toward dispelling the Whig myths of history and politics and reveals how we have been far more enslaved by so-called “democracy” than by any almost any aristocratic or monarchic system of glorious European past.

    A good read on how the American gentry in the late 18th c. set up a system which they thought would perpetuate their enlightened rule only to find themselves quickly displaced by new money men is found in “The Radicalism of the American Revolution” by Gordon Wood.

    How many Americans today know that the founders hated democracy?

    We still have honorable and disinterested (public spirited not self-serving) organic elites in America and Europe although they have been displaced in the corridors of power by bought and blackmailed placemen of the international bankers.

    Fortunately they are robbing our nations so blatently and their rule is so inept and corrupt that they will not be able to sustain the present order for long.

    • There has NEVER been a non-Aristocratic or a non-Plutocratic society.

      It is a total myth to believe that ‘elitism’ can be defeated … if you believe that, you will be unknowingly ruled by an elite that you deny even exists! That is the magic. The masses can believe in ‘freedom’, ‘equality’, and ‘brotherhood’, without realizing those are terms of their very enslavement in communal ignorance.

      • The cream always rises to the top?

      • I won’t say cream rises to the top, I would say SOMETHING always rises to the top … whether they be a spiritual elite, an aristocracy, or a degenerate plutocracy.

        What rises to the top? An ideology and culture of an elite; the ideology and culture is merely a symptom of who is running the society, not the cause.

        The masses are not philosophical (life dominated by ideas), instead, they receive ideology and meta-narratives which guide their life from above. Elites craft ideology and meta-narratives, and can be self critical of such cultural/cognitive structures … while the masses cannot.

        The masses don’t create cultural capital, they consume it … they are born into a world crafted for this. This is so obvious today with the Anglo-Judeo Plutocrats who have created the ‘cultural cave’, in Platonic terms, that the masses live in their entire life.

  9. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    It is interesting to note how with the degeneration of American society, a sort of nostalgic longing for Mother Europe, specifically for Scandanavia, has reared its head so to speak. The craze among young and old over the Disney movie “Frozen” has brought about a renewed interest in Scandanavia, the old stomping grounds for the Vikings (see my prior post).

    Yep. You just cannot keep those Vikings down. The People of the Mud and Sand may try to mimic or suck off of the cultures the Nords created, but in the end, they cannot match the beauty of Nordic Culture, that being understated, minimalist, and practical.

    The matricide of Europe will not go unpunished by the gods. Karma is a bitch.

  10. Amazing post, amazing blog, amazing author, but God help us does it make me sick!

    I wish I could go back in time and live those few short years over and over again between the rise of the Third Reich and the beginning of it’s decay. That was a time when people were proud of their accomplishments, standards of living were high, the future looked boundless and self respect abounded.

    I have resolved myself to create it. I refuse to live in a fantasy. I plan to do everything in my power to recreate that life for myself.


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