Fuck the Holocaust!


As promised to some of the commenters of WDH, I have started to study the Holocaust debate. The first step was letting, as in the court charades we see in Hollywood, the opening statement to the prosecutor’s side. Since Michael Shermer debated courteously the Holocaust with his opponent Mark Weber (the whole exchange can be seen at YouTube) I used Shermer’s book, coauthored with a Jew, as the opening prosecutor statement.

According to this analogy I am only a member of the Juror and still have to read quite a few books on the other side (my methodology: read one book by the prosecutor, the next by the attorney, etc.). I am not supposed to reach any conclusion yet.

I expected to read what the Jewish coauthor of Denying History: Who Says that The Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It? wrote. However, I must leave criticism of the gentile author, Shermer, for my next entry. What I would like to say now has to do with Jonathan Bowden’s London speech on September 8, 2007 where he mentioned the Shoah. The following passage struck me:

Firstly, cultures would be mono-ethnic. Secondly, there would be a respect for the past glories of our civilization. Thirdly, we would not preface every attempt to be strong by saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry for what we have done.”

We’re not sorry!

And we’ve stepped over the prospect of being sorry.

Menachem Begin in his autobiography, which is called—is it called My Struggle?—it’s called My Life, he was asked about the massacres of Palestinian villages, which was certainly instituted by his paramilitary group. And he said, “The sun comes up and goes down. It was necessary. We lived, we struggled, and they have died. Israel!” And we have to do the same. We have to do the same.

Independently of what I might conclude if I continue this Holo “trial” with more books, my first thought is that it is a historical fact that Bolshevik Jews killed more White civilians than the Jews attributed to Himmler. (Keyword: attributed for those who already have sided the attorney on the Holo issue.) But let’s suppose for a moment that the prosecutor is right, and by that I mean that more than three million Jews died during the Second World War.

So what?

Why the hell should I, the Germans, White Europeans or White Americans feel guilty about it? When has the Jew felt guilty about the Holodomor—where, even if the official stats on the Holocaust are true, more innocent Ukrainians lost their lives in 1932 than Jews in 1942-1945?

It makes no sense! And independently of where this Holo quest would drive curious readers of both revisionist and official literature, the real axiological question was raised by Bowden during that London speech. Even if the Shoah happened, Bowden seemed to tell the audience,

“We’re not sorry!”

In addition to Bowden’s speech read this article by William Pierce: the best piece I have read to understand the Jewish Problem.

If Jews are innately predisposed to hurt us, why the fuss if someone tried, during the heat of a Hellish War, to solve the Problem once and for all? It is so self-defeating that I am tempted to lose my temper and shout:

Fuck the Holocaust, and revisionist literature too!

But why this friendly fire? Because the problem with the White psyche is far deeper that what most of us suspect. Judge it yourselves with the above example of more civilians killed by Red Terror (which during the communist collectivization many regarded as Jewish Terror) in addition to the similar Holocaust perpetrated by the Americans against the Germans: a fratricide of epic proportions that we should start calling “Hellstorm.”

Why are Whites always on the defensive, even White nationalists? Why always trying to apologize? Don’t Holo revisionists know that sheer negation (“No: I didn’t do it…!”) is for children, that it places ourselves on the defensive? What about attacking? What about saying, You damned Kike murdered more than us? Or: You traitor Gentile, including Stalin’s and Eisenhower’s willing executioners, murdered more civilians than us?

Let’s suppose that machines to see the past were invented and that, instead of reading silly books on the fate of der Juden in the 1940s, we finally had conclusive proof that, say, up to four million of them died as a result of harsh German treatment during the War.

So what? Why are you using Christian guilt to unilaterally judge war events? Why not kick your moral grammar so hard that it reaches Alaska bypassing Canada (or if you’re in Germany, kicking it so hard that it reaches England bypassing the Channel)? Why just not say, like Begin, “The sun comes up and goes down. It was necessary.”

What a Kike can say Aryans can’t, right?

I am fed up of the Neochristians’ guilt feelings and passion for self-flagellation. Even before the war it was their liberal morals what enabled the Jewish takeover throughout the 19th century in Europe (and let’s not even mention what happened in America in the 20th). Revisionists: Why can’t you think like Nietzsche thought, that Zarathustra left his humanity behind only when he overcame his Christian pity? Bowden’s speech itself was properly baptized, “Credo: A Nietzschean Testament” during the transcript a year ago.

Even the anti-Christians at VNN Forum look like pious Neochristians compared to me! Visit their forum: They deny, deny and deny that the slaughtering of der Juden took place…

This is my reply to them: Who gives a fuck? Only the Christian or Liberal humans, right? So paradoxically your discourse is unconsciously aimed at Christians and Liberals…

The sad truth is that those who fancy themselves anti-Christian, or anti-Liberal nationalists have been unwilling to take the final step to overmanhood. This is the crucial passage of my “Dies Irae”:

Presently you remember the last chapter, “The Sign,” of Nietzsche’s favorite book when Zarathustra rises in the morning and finds a lion outside his cave, which he takes to be a sign that the Overman is finally coming. This new Zarathustra—you—rises triumphantly, realizing you have overcome your final sin: pity.

Even if after much scholarly search the six-million figure turns out to be true (I doubt it), as I said elsewhere, later in this century Whites will be challenged with something analogous to multiplying the six-million figure by a factor of a thousand if they really want to survive: insofar as the Earth’s energy reservoirs will be increasingly depleted precisely while the human population still grows exponentially.

The choice for Whites in this fateful 21st century will be to hostilely takeover the oil supplies from non-White, third-world peoples or die—an action that would condemn not six millions but billions to starve to death and We


The alternative would be starvation within the coming White ethnostate when energy depletion reaches its bottom worldwide.

My prediction is that by the 22nd century when the peak-oil crisis is finally over, no surviving White will give a damn about whether or not the National Socialists dispatched six million Juden. Their only ethos will be to keep the White ethnos alive.

But why not say it now, even before the energy apocalypse occurs:

Umwertung aller Werte!

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  1. I have moved this entry from the main WDH blog only because the caricature at the top, a skeleton breaking into Israel’s flag, combines better with the blue background of this Addenda.

    29 comments about the above entry can be read here:


  2. Chechar you know very well why.
    Because it is a 1000 times more evil when you can’t commemorate your death when at the same time you are accused of having killed millions of jews (2 or 3 or 4 5 or 6 who cares).
    Because if you have been massacred and the culprits have found an easy way to get away with the massacre by hiding it behind FAKE massacres then your hatred against them is ten times higher than when it is Aug um Aug Zahn um Zahn.

    You’re right in a way that off course we should not feel guilty for even 150.000 dead jews because of allied bombing and typhus epidemics.

    To research the holocaust today takes a couple of evenings to form an opinion based on conclusive arguments any sound mind will find logical that the holocaust is a big hoax. It takes a 1000 times less to study the holohoax than to read the works of Nietzche.
    So why an intellectual like you finds it so difficult to do while at the same time accuse WN of being guilt ridden christians while they are not guilt ridden at all (as they already pushed the holohoax in the garbage bin a long time ago) is an intellectual contorsion only you know why you keep on coming up with it.

    So I advice to hurry up and come with your conclusive opinion : you can not keep on hiding behind the “I don’t feel guilt”-nonchalance, as in this way you keep on celebrating the 4, 5 or 6 million dead ghosts.
    You owe it to the Dresden victims to be even more vindicative when you find out that that they were bombed or the german girls were raped in revenge of alleged massacres that never occured.

    The holocaust is the subject you need to come clear with.
    It is THE litmus test.
    Smokescreens about guilt (or peak oil myths for thatr matter) will only last a certain time, I hope you are aware of that.

    • Re: the comment you tried to leave at “Dies Irae”, it’s off topic. I would recommend pasting it in a more in-topic thread.

      Re: holocaust. You still seem to miss my main point. If pro-whites like Weber and Irving, who have spent more than a couple evenings researching it, have changed their minds the burden is on those who to date have only listened the attorney but never the prosecutor. I would recommend the deniers to dispassionately research the reasons why these two scholars changed their minds. Everything else is blind faith in the attorney’s case.

      • Like I said the holocaust is The Litmus Test. That includes you.
        You cite the two most ambivalent personnae amongst the historical researchers who have been banned by almost every WN interested in WW2 out there. Irving for instance bases his 1 million dead at Treblinka on one, one simple secret note where that figure is and where it could be translated as well into departure/arrival as a death toll. That’s all he has, one note and his impression that maybe somewhere in the wood near sobibor the hillside could be a good place for corpses. That’s all he has. I don’t know why I even debate about this, it is such well known non sense.
        So Yad Vashem is wrong and all holohoax researchers are wrong but only the 2 most criticized pseudohistorians are right.
        If it so easy please give us the “reasons” why they changed their mind. Please help us ignorant whites. To save their ass that’s why.

        To me it seems you just led your site one bridge too far.
        All your work of year on WN litterature just go down the drain by siding with ‘the other side’, the non-deniers. All your lamenting of Dresden just became ridicule by siding with the millions of jew ghosts of Irving.

        The essence of your website, after all the blabla is that you ask us to deny Christ but not to deny the holocaust.
        What can you possible be? I let your readers decide.
        But I think you let them on a false track with your intellectual smokescreen that finally comes down to the ordinary jewbashing of jezus and the jewbaiting of the holohoax.
        By naming the DENIERS, your term, it is all too obvious.

        I don’ think you let this comment pass but hey with the mysterous ways of chechar one never knows..

      • To put it brutally, I don’t take serious those who love rock music, and that includes you. That’s my litmus test (see my last post, “Why focus on Sparta”).

        As to the Holo, how many times I have said that if you don’t listen to both sides—which means reading books and hard research in what both sides say—it’s an act of faith denying it, based solely on one side of the controversy? If the majority of historians say that millions of kikes died (forget kike historians: focus on the gentile ones) the burden is on you, not on me, to prove otherwise.

        This discussion is over. Unless and until you do you homework I’ll not discuss it again with you. (But which fan of rock anti-music could be honest enough and of sound mind to research the subject objectively? I guess none.)

  3. re FTH/@author Well said!

  4. “Why just don’t say”. I guess, it should be “Why just not say” instead.

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