A brief manifesto

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  1. I duplicated this post from WDH because I closed comments in that thread. (I don’t want irrelevant comments in any of my “ABC” pages there.)

  2. The United States ‘government’ has tried, since the Civil War, to make it nearly impossible for Whites to own property, have children, open up a business, or pursue basic self-preservation. Whites are the only races that are absolutely forbidden to have exclusively White neighborhoods, schools, churches, clubs, social groups, etc. All other races are not only encouraged to do so, but are given money by the ‘government’ to support these efforts and to exclude Whites from employment, higher education, and various other rights. In fact, there are places where a White cannot go without risk of getting murdered–in the land that Whites carved out a civilization from! There was no United States before Whites created and built it. Now, we’re being marginalized in our own country. The only thing the ‘government’ and the ‘minorities’ want us for is as useful tax slaves, while our productivity goes to support the lives of the non-White hordes that are being imported by the gross and reproduce like rats. It’s truly astounding how complacent the White races are with their own vilification, their own replacement in their own lands, and their cooperation in their own genocide. The non-goy media, organized ‘religions’, and ‘educational systems’ have been very successful in brainwashing Whites into passive acceptance of their own demise.
    Whites need to home school their children, and get them away from the Frankfurt education, which pushes the non-goy agenda of brainwashing Whites into guilt and shame for being White. Whites need to ignore all ‘governmental’ White genocide disguised as ‘laws’. Whites need to educate other Whites on the White genocide agenda of the non-goy and the non-White. Whites need to understand the hatred and envy of the non-White and the non-goy, and not buy the lies of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘globalization’. Whites need to stop supporting, both financially and through word and deed, the vilification of Whites and the glorification of the lesser races. Whites need to abandon the institutionalized ‘churches’, that also support White genocide. Whites need to rise up and band together, before it’s too late.


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