Greatest American ever

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    • Today I saw a gem in a Daily Stormer thread:

      “Even to-day I must warn the members of our young movement in the strongest possible terms to guard against the danger of falling into the snare of those who call themselves silent workers. These silent workers are not only a whitelivered lot but are also, and always will be, ignorant do-nothings.

      A man who is aware of certain happenings and knows that a certain danger threatens, and at the same time sees a certain remedy which can be employed against it, is in duty bound not to work in silence but to come into the open and publicly fight for the destruction of the evil and the acceptance of his own remedy. If he does not do so, then he is neglecting his duty and shows that he is weak in character and that he fails to act either because of his timidity, or indolence or incompetence. Most of these silent workers generally pretend to know God knows what. Not one of them is capable of any real achievement, but they keep on trying to fool the world with their antics.

      Though quite indolent, they try to create the impression that their silent work keeps them very busy. To put it briefly, they are sheer swindlers, political jobbers who feel chagrined by the honest work which others are doing. When you find one of these völkisch moths buzzing over the value of his silent work you may be sure that you are dealing with a fellow who does no productive work at all but steals from others the fruits of their honest labour.

      “In addition to all this one ought to note the arrogance and conceited impudence with which these obscurantist idlers try to tear to pieces the work of other people, criticizing it with an air of superiority, and thus playing into the hands of the mortal enemy of our people.”

      Mein Kampf

      • Well, Rockwell certainly wasn’t one of those ‘silent workers’, thats for sure.

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  3. A fantastic excerpt Chechar…the saddest part is that its only worse today…back in the 50’s there were at least some wealthy folks willing to consider bankrolling an NS backlash. Today its just the “rank and file” if that. Reading about his contempt for the WN movements lack of spine to actually DO anything, puts the current impotence in perspective…the more things change, the more they stay the same…

    • WN is a complete fraud (except MacDonald). I realized that not long ago.

  4. Frankly it’s shocking to read what he says about the “right wing” and the political climate 60 years ago, and realize its absolutely the same today. No matter what Greg Johnson may have to say about Covington; Harold has the exact same laments about today’s current crop of WN, that Rockwell had then. Except today they only want to vent off some steam by tapping out messages on the internet without actually doing anything; they don’t even MEET anybody in person anymore. To see that we’ve been spinning our wheels for this long is downright depressing. It seems nothing short of starvation will put people in the streets…

    • Absolutely. That’s why I lost faith in WNsts, so different from NS men and even the Golden Dawn folks.

      • I agree. I like to think that I would be NS if I were eligible, but this is theoretical, and I can’t think of anything concrete that I have done to help the cause. My Aryan friends who are concerned about the likely demise of their race have, likewise, for the most part done nothing for their race.

        I now see that Golden Dawn has been organizing in NYC, despite the tremendous difficulties it faced. If Golden Dawn can organize in NYC, then a pro-White party should be able to organize elsewhere in the States. If I had money, I would donate to Golden Dawn. Maybe if I find a job…


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