The Holocaust of German people



The best-kept secret in modern history!

Listen to Kyle Hunt’s interview of Tom Goodrich about an unheard of Holocaust concealed from the public view by those who wrote recent history.

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  1. My favorite quote during that interview: “Every [western] country deserves the Jews it has.”

  2. Have you read Richard Tedor’s “Hitler’s Revolution”? Tedor was also interviewed by Kyle Hunt recently:

    • Not yet…

      • I think you will find both book and interview of interest: Tedor does not appear to be one of the dreaded ‘monocausalists’ with regard to the origins of the war to destroy Germany 1914-45.

      • You would be surprised but I don’t abhor monocausalists. It is only that when you visit cities like London you clearly see that the culprits are not only the Judaized elites but the white peoples themselves.

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