Negroes & English roses…


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  1. London is awash in ‘rivers of mud’.

    • But my heart strenously longs for the coming ‘rivers of blood’…

      • It is a pitiful place, I would suggest you look elsewhere for sanctuary. Best wishes.

      • I am not looking for sanctuary in the UK (also spent some days in Perth, Scotland); only met some very amiable people at a London Forum meeting and also Arthur Kemp in a lovely town with very little non-whites.

        By the way, I just visited 7 Stoney Street in Borough Market, where the Leaky Cauldron appears after minute 4:25 of this clip:

        Instead of a solitary street it’s very busy with restaurants and pubs where miscegenating peoples swarm over this Saturday evening.

        Really pathetic…

  2. This is the future of the White race, unfortunately. Please send a photo of the graves of Purcell, Blow, and Handel, if you can.


    • But now I’ve left London. My current whereabouts… well, they will remain off the record.

      I still hope though that the coming collapse will make whites change their worldview. William Pierce said that in order that whites change their wicked ways they need 600 kicks on their asses; and Revilo Oliver said that they need at least 30 years of suffering.

      Actually, with energy devolution they will get a whole century of tribulations…

  3. Was the Indian with the girl, like in a relationship?
    Or was he just some groper?

    • It was a relationship. You know, virtually all WNsts are outraged about the recent revelations of mass raping in an English town. To me, that’s about the same of what I saw with the Indian and the pubescent girl. Both, voluntary and involuntary inter-racial sex destroy the 14 words in exactly the same proportion, and that’s what really matters. WNsts are still thinking in the wrong paradigm (consensual sex, etc).

      • True. How old was the Indian?

      • Clearly older than the very white nymphet with black hair.

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