Hail Ares, Lord of struggle

Today’s comment on a WDH thread:

I took a hard look at the behavior of white women around me, and all those I knew…

I will admit that I was wrong. We can not live if we don’t have the willingness to slaughter those who are planning and executing the destruction of our race. Violence is the answer, now more than ever. Those who are willing to live will fight, and those not willing to fight will be hunted down and butchered alive for treason. Any creature which willingly serves its own children as a sacrifice to a diversity god must be destroyed in rivers of blood.

I now understand after reviewing the state of Aryan men and women around me, that your proposed methods don’t go too far enough. What we need more than anything is the complete annihilation of anything that is even remotely liberal, jewish, and unaryan. Drugs, sex, porn, alcohol, vice, and degeneracy—like the whores of late Rome they all indulge in the Semitic sins. They are not our people. Even if they carry our genes those will too be lost with time. They are wholly an abomination and deserve to be purified. Allowing them to spread the cancer the Jew has infected them with would be suicide.

While I still try to cling to Aryan honor, tradition and high culture and spirituality, I realize these things are what blinded me from seeing this abhorrent creature that they truly are. I had seen clairvoyantly what they were, and peered into their soul. I saw a desecrated zombie masquerading as an Aryan, a filth-filled soul that has been eternally perverted by the Jew. Nothing will ever be brought back from them and they are an eternal blight to anything around them.

All of it must go, Chechar. We need to kill them all, and ensure with the most painful, powerful and memorable methods that this is never going to happen again.

Hail Ares, the Lord of Struggle!

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  1. I now understand after reviewing the state of Aryan men and women around me, that your proposed methods don’t go too far enough…

    Have you read my piece, “Dies irae” that gave the title to my Day of Wrath? And the article “On the morality of dispatching 500 million of degenerate whites”?

  2. Yeah…I think you’re on to something here

  3. OK I have read Dies Iraes, & Dies Iraes a postscript, & about 20 pages of material on either side….I have a ‘THIS…IS…*IT*!!!!’ moment. Thank god I found this material. Also, re: Miller, your material basically theoretically predicts the Rotherham Horror & in hindsight, is prescient. OMG Chechar you is da bomb, homey. This is stupendous (this PDF monstronsity I will be reading & re-reading for a month. Oh thank god, I was beginning to question my sanity. Thankj you, thank you.

    • Thanks to you, Hammerheart: it’s precisely positive feedback like yours what moves me to start writing my new book, Extermination. Cheers!

  4. Yes I have read I believe that section…obviously it will take a while to read all of it…please understand I have an enormous reading load. Btw I had next to me & had been reviewing in English & greek the ephebic oath, when I read your bit on ephebes.

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