Johnson & Linder on Jewry

On Occidental Dissent Greg Johnson said yesterday:

“Naming the Jew” boils down to understanding that Jews are a different people with different interests from whites, that Jews have a long history of extreme hostility to whites, and—most importantly—that the organized Jewish community is the primary political impediment to whites regaining control of our destinies.

What next? At the very minimum, you have to take stock of your personal and political affiliations, then distance yourself from Jews. Since nothing less than the survival of our race is at stake, we really can’t afford to have political organizations that do not understand the Jewish threat and, therefore, exclude Jews—all Jews, even nice Jews, even Jews that claim to be sympathetic because that is what any Jewish infiltrator would say.

I agree, and this statement doesn’t sound like bicausalism type-A. Only if Johnson said “that the organized Jewish community is the primary cause of white decline” that would be it (explanation: here).

On the other hand, this is what Linder just said on his VNN forum:

Naming the jew means identifying—in the ordinary sense of the word—the architects of the policies destroying our countries.

That sounds like bicausalism type-A. (Keep in mind that Linder did not reply to my last comment in that thread before a troll called me names.)

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  1. Hadding Scott has just replied to Armor, a monocausalist on VNN forum:

    It doesn’t seem to occur to you to ask what ideas might have been in White people’s heads that allowed a tiny minority like the Jews to exert so much influence. Somewhere along the way there were White people who for some reason were nodding yes to what the Jews wanted, or else they supported a political system that allowed this to happen.

    Armor, who has a French passport, responded with the fallacy: “White people didn’t allow the Jews to take power”. Incredible that this guy ignores that Frenchmen and other Europeans empowered the Jews after Napoleon.

    Armor is right however that if Jews suddenly disappeared whites could regain control of their lands much easier than with them still existing.

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