Two quotes

I have been criticizing Greg Johnson for several reasons but I agree with the below quote from one of his articles:

The existing American system has driven white birthrates below replacement while flooding the country with fast-breeding non-white immigrants, both legal and illegal; it promotes racial integration, miscegenation, anti-white discrimination, multiculturalism, and diversity worship; it denigrates white achievements and pathologizes white pride and ethnocentrism while stoking non-white resentment, entitlement, and truculence; and it apparently has no brakes.

If these conditions persist, our race will become extinct. And since genocide is defined not merely as killing a people outright, but also as creating conditions inimical to their long-term survival, the present system is not merely anti-white, it is genocidally anti-white.

Franklin Ryckaert said this month:

“Non-racism” is utterly racist itself, since it assumes that all non-Whites can be Whites in behavior and achievements. By that assumption it takes “Whiteness” as the norm for all non-White races.

Egalitarianism is the root of all problems, both in inter-class and inter-race relations. The slogan “ALL MEN ARE UNEQUAL” should be written in gold in all our public institutions.

This resonates with our brief manifesto in the sticky post above.

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