On the “white genocide” meme

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  1. Maybe it is more suicide than genocide, but I find Robert Whitaker’s memes most helpful. They play with Westeners’ universalistic thinking. The genocide meme is the first stepping stone for many. We have to think about how long our own journey of “waking up” was.

    (One correction note: évolués with two acute accents [you can delete this note after you read it])

    • Thanks for the correction. Already added it to the MS of FRDH.

      • As bad as stupidity and pliability are, they do not amount to suicide, which is a conscious successful effort to end ones own existence.

      • You still have to see the tweets of this guy:


  2. There is certainly an element of racial suicide happening e.g. our low birth rate. There is also an element of genocide happening; mass immigration, worsening anti-white laws, overt killing in South Africa etc.. However, there is something else that is happening right now that needs to be mentioned. My quick count has the current white population on earth to be about 500 million, give or take. That’s still a large number. Within that 500 million there are a large number of whites who will only mate with whites. And within THAT group there are white couples who like having large families. That last group is there and by virtue of having large families, it is growing. Demographics is everything. As the white population declines the subgroup of whites who only mate with whites will eventually overgrow and replace the larger group. Populations are dynamic and always in a state of flux. I see this period not so much as a demographic winter but as an evolutionary moment. The inheritors of the white race will be the decedents of those whites who are today having many white children. Those future whites will be whites but they will be different. They will be less universal, sticking mainly together with other whites. They will be less altruistic. And my hunch is they will be very territorial.


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