On harmless nationalists

by Edwin

WNsts-weaponJohnson, Spencer, Sunic and other white nationalists retain traces of conservatism, a belief that a perfect argument exists that can convince Whites to suddenly “wake up”; that the correct presentation of the “facts”, on whatever issue, will make a difference to the wider culture at large; that only ignorance has prevented otherwise decent and level headed Whites from taking action thus far. Hence, the endless multiplication of essays, speeches and conferences. The post-modern radical suffers from a singular blindness: that action and words are the same thing.

The problem with Johnson and others of similar ilk is that they think winning can be done without a drop of blood being spilled. No one needs to dirty his hands by engaging in street politics. No one needs to get hurt. No one needs to die. All that is needed is a quiet infiltration of the existing institutions with men sympathetic to our views, and a bloodless counter-revolution will happen.

White survival can only be properly understood as a war, without any rules of conduct. We are not dealing with an opponent that understands the concept of fair play. There will be no smooth transition of power.

Should it not be obvious by now that all pro-white groups active in America are harmless?


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  1. Totally harmless, and thus, completely nugatory.


    • Indeed. By the by, these Edwin posts that I am rediscovering at WDH are worth of reposting here (artificially on the date that the comments were originally posted).

      • Do so

  2. Edwin’s comments seem to me to be very much to the point. As he summarizers it: White Nationalists seem to assume that discussing and spreading a message will wake up whites, but they don’t fight.

    To me this inability to go into physical resistance is the sure symptom of degeneration.

    • Today I added a new category in this Addenda, “Edwin commenter” (here). And in the main site I added another Edwin comment/article (here).

      And welcome to this forum, Vig.

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