Johnson & nordicism

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  1. The de-Nordicization process is exactly why certain European countries are so dilapidated. Why is it that all the non-Nordic Southern European countries are greasy, dirty, and failing? Nothing they do is done on time. All the European advancements and creations are done by people that are Nordic or Nordish not olive-skinned oily types.

    We should keep in mind that the Blightwing is also OK with homosexuals, bad music, and female empowerment.


    • Pink_knitting Yes, Greg Johnson “is a drama queen who loves to get into knitting needle fights on the internet, and his open promotion of homosexuality has already put almost everyone else off.”

      • Haha

      • And always remember what a well-known commenter said about him:

        According to Greg Johnson racial preservation is “decadent”. Johnson favors expanding the franchise of Whiteness to include Turks so presumably he does not oppose the mixing of Turks with Northern Europeans.

        This is nothing short of a recipe for racial nihilism. Now, as far as I am concerned, that is infinitely better grounds for condemning Johnson’s work as essentially frivolous…


      • That’s crazy. I think it’s part of his desire to have homosexuals accepted.

      • Johnson may be a con artist. I remember so well how in 2010 he launched his webzine with an intellectual star, Michael O’Meara, the penname of the best mind among today’s racialists in the US. But then Johnson introduced James O’Meara, and presently this other O’Meara is the one that gets most of his books published in Johnson’s Counter-Currents Publishing. While James’ homosexualist ideology has nothing to do with Michael’s, the confusion of the last names led some casual visitors of Johnson’s site (e.g., Pat Hanagan) believe that he was the same writer.

        jamesNow James is a transvestite, if we are to believe the photos he himself reproduces in the profile pages of his blogsite. This means that the most beloved author of Johnson is a vulgar transvestite. And although Johnson has published a book review by Michael O’Meara discussing Guillaume Faye’s harsh criticism of male homosexuality, the most featured author in Johnson’s webzine—not only his printed books!—is the other O’Meara, the transvestite.


        Re: Johnson’s anti-nordicism

        What Johnson fails to mention in his little piece is that “nordicism”, that he calls childish, was taken for granted among the NS intellectuals. Johnson and the anti-nordicists in WNsm are failing to see that the term “nordicism” simply refers to the commonsensical view that there exist less mixed whites in Europe than others, e.g., the Swedes vis-à-vis the Sicilians. The simplicity of this natural observation escapes the mind of most WNsts, in spite of the fact that that is precisely what our eyes see when traveling through Europe.

        But I am wasting my time discussing the obvious.

      • Again, good points. About the anti-Nordicism claims, one has to be a dolt to not realize the significance of Nordic blood in maintaining progress. As you wrote, traveling from north to south or vice versa shows that mediterraneans are a disheveled bunch whereas Nordics are orderly, clean, and punctual. A look at all the figures of European achievement also clearly display individuals with Nordic/Nordish features. One simply does not see Al Capone visages.


      • What Johnson fails to mention in his little piece is that “nordicism”, that he calls childish, was taken for granted among the NS intellectuals.

        I agree. There is nothing novel or revolutionary about Arthur Kemp. “March of the Titans” cannot be dismissed as the work of a fringe intellectual.

        The same arguments in favor of the Nordics were made by Arthur de Gobineau, H.S. Chamberlain, Joseph Deniker, Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, John Baker, Carleton S. Coon, Vladimir Avdeyev and many others too numerous to list.

        I have come to the sad realization that White Nationalists like Johnson have no time at all for racial science. They view all Whites as brothers and sisters, as one big extended family–the analysis does not go beyond that.

      • Great examples, Edwin.


      • In today’s “Gay Panic on the Alt Right” Greg Johnson said:

        What makes most people care about homosexuals is the Bible, which treats homosexuality not just as abnormal but as an offense against God. This is the source of the intense and irrational anxiety and the sense of moral contagion involved in gay panics.

        Not in my case: what moves me to reject homos in the movement is that the contemporary pro-homo movement is an offense against the 14 words.

        But as long as homosexuals uphold these norms and have something positive to contribute, they can and do make our movement stronger, if we stop worrying about it.

        Stop worrying that in WN conferences young Aryan males listen to Jack Donovan (and that this open sodomite is even translated in my favorite German blog)? Sure, Greg: I’ll stop worrying about that…

      • The Bible? How absurd. My aversion towards it isn’t based on religion, but normal sentiment.

      • In “We’re Here. We’re Not Queer. Get Used To It” the Christian WNsts have taken issue with Greg’s piece of which I’ll quote this:

        Of course, precivilized Western folks who indulged in sodomy were, with a handful of pederast exceptions, more likely to find themselves drowned in a bog than hooking up on Prehistoric Grindr. Homosexuality is universally taboo because it’s dangerous, dysfunctional, and degenerate. It’s not a healthy part of a balanced civilization.

        Unfortunately, the article is plagued by the Newspeaking word “gay”, which meant something altogether different when I was a child.

  2. Good work, César.

    Pay attention on Johnson’s words: “It has been years since I threw it down in disgust” etc. etc.

    When it comes to nordicism Johnson acts like a 12 year old girl: ad-hominem-attacks, shrill and hysterical tones.

    • Thanks, Richard.

      In that thread Johnson said yesterday about Kemp’s book that:

      “It is not just filled with ‘mistakes,’ the falsehoods are so systematic and driven by an agenda that the book has to be dismissed as dishonest”.

      And he iterated “that it is clumsily and stupidly dishonest.” And in the next comment he writes that the book contains “Christian apologetics, Christian evangelization, silencing the critics of Christianity”.

      Wow! Who’s the real dishonest? Kemp’s March of the Titans is almost as anti-Christian as Pierce’s Who We Are. Therefore, Johnson lied in that very thread when he said that he had actually read Kemp’s book.

      • I pointed that out to him and responded that he “said nothing about Christianity.” Literally the next comment after that, he denied what he wrote. Here: link

  3. The Greeks and the Latins/Romans reached a genetic dead-end when they mongrelized their blood. The Nordic-Germanic/Celtic/Slavic Aryans have yet to fulfill their genetic potential, they have the ability to ascend to the Superman in their blood, as well as the exploration of the stars to undertake. This is no longer possible with the Mediterraneans.

    “All Whites are created equal”—what a load of nonsense! Many Jews are White, whiter than many Southern Europeans, yet they are not Aryan by any stretch. If Nordics were to go extinct, my struggle would be in vain, yet if Meds went extinct but Nordics remained I can continue the struggle for the survival of the Aryan race. When you take into account how many Whites are Aryan and how many Whites are mudbloods it makes you realize that the Aryan race is a tiny minority indeed.

    • “All Whites are created equal”—what a load of nonsense!

      What a quotable quote. It merits inclusion in Tweeter. And never forget Johnson’s words a few years ago:

      “White” to me just means “European,” which includes a whole range of skin tones, from the whitest white to brown. [link]

      With these valiant defenders of the white race who needs subversive Jews?

  4. I don’t really understand nordics who are not nordicists. Meds I can understand, they’re just weak: they can’t damit the non-white genes they have are mud, they want to fight for themselves, not for some greater ideal (because they know, eveyone knows, they just can’t admit. Hell… even when I was like 6 years old and not racially aware for me it was logical that they are whites with some midle eastern and black). But I really have no idea why a nordic would want to give amenisty for non-nordics.

    • Very important question. In a nutshell, I believe that the mind of mestizos, mudblood Meds and even Jews is far easier to understand than what I call “the Aryan problem”, which consist of a witches’ brew (as I’ve tried to analyse elsewhere).

      • And what would that be? Psychological problems due to lousy childrearing?

      • No: I refer to the brew.

      • But these ingredients of “the brew” were not enough to stop people like Jhonson to become white nationalists, so they should not be what makes them anti-nordicists, unless if we assume a cognitive dissonance.

      • Christian axiology is behind even those who reject Christianity like Johnson. See the essay that gave the name to my book.

      • dali-last-supperIn a nutshell, “[Christianity] hasn’t vanished, and that’s the hell of it. In two thousand years, its doctrines have sunk in to form the core of the worldview of Western man. Christian universalism and egalitarianism are stronger than ever, only now people desperately try to justify them scientifically.” —Jack Frost

      • I understand. I don’t know Greg Johnson very well because what convinced me of becoming racially aware was the Europa Soberana website so I did not have a lot of contact with most pro-white sites as went directly from liberal to national socialist. But the point is: Christian universalism and egalitarianism do not apply for blacks in Greg’s mind so why does it apply to mediterraneans? The only answer I can think about is that these people do not think logically and nothing makes sense in their idea of reality.

      • I think that commenter Stubbs nailed WNsts like Johnson here:

  5. My comment didn’t make it through in Greg’s article:

    “Nordicism is problematic for White Nationalists because it undermines cooperation and trust among different European groups. ”

    “Nordics are just one branch of the European family tree, and are no more or less authentically European than any other branch.”

    And the humanists say: Racism is problematic for everyone because it undermines cooperation and trust among different human groups. Whites are just one branch of the Human family tree, and are no more or less authentically human than any other branch.

    “The National Alliance accepted non-Nordics as members, but such people could legitimately ask if the organization could really take their money and represent their interests in good faith.”

    It’s only about self interests now? Now I see why we’re loosing.

    • Excellent. (I only indented Greg’s quotations.) Thanks!


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