Against Spencer et al

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  1. Most whites, even the “white nationalists” do not believe in the superiority of the nordic race. The only thing they want is to be separated from other races in their living space. They don’t understand the nordic race is a superior kind of humanity, they only think races are different, and nordic is just another race among the others, and they want to preserve it.

    What they think is just the basic natural instinct of preserving their own kind. They don’t want to preserve it because it is the best. In this sense, spiritually, the “white nationalists” are better than mediocre white, and equal to the mediocre Chinese: at least have the natural healthy instinct of wanting to preserve their own race, but nothing higher than that.

    If they were born Chinese or black, they would be fighting for the Chinese or blacks. And this is why in their minds it is ok for them that the blacks make their own countries and be ethno nationalists, and they help them in that, because the other races developing their own ethnostates means they will not want to mongrelize.

    Men who have a higher spirit transcend their instincts. For them this is a holy mission, not only a fight for survival. For them it’s not about wanting, it just simply must be done. And not only for the whites, but for the whole universe, and that includes the non-whites. In this sense even if they were not white they would still fight for them (unlike the white nationalists).

    • So true. I have become deeply frustrated with WNsts because they don’t seem to be moved by the religious call that transformed me into a “priest of the 14 words”.

  2. So what you’re saying is that all non-whites should be exterminated because their mere existence is a threat to yours?

    • pagan nymphsUltimately, the world will be populated with Parrish-like nymphs, in the real world.

      • I agree, Caesar.

        Their narcissm and envy hold them back from seeing bigger picture. It is Christianity personal savior and Jewish democracy if I could blame it on anything.


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