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Christians will always put Christ above their Race-Soul. Or as Alex Linder put it: “Christian or white man. You can’t be both.”

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  1. This is my today’s reply to a friend at Facebook about the above quote:

    Since I have Spanish background I have read the texts in Old Spanish about El Cid. It shocked the hell out of me that this guy also worked for a Moor as a mercenary.

    As you know I am not an Aryan. But some of my Iberian ancestors were—up the 6th century. The Visigoths were so zealous with keeping their bloodline pure that they burned at the stake the miscegenators. But then came Christianity and changed the rules in the Iberian peninsula. After the 6th century the Church allowed mixed marriages as long as they had been baptized.

    If you study the history of Constantinople you’ll find exactly the same pattern after Constantine rebuilt the city.

    When a thousand years later Isabelle expelled the Moors and the Jews from Spain, this system allowed marriage with those Semitic Conversos. Now you can see why many Iberians are not Aryans anymore. After the 16th century, in Portugal the Church even allowed marriage with Negores! Genetically, the Portuguese are beyond repair.

    WNsts find these facts so threatening to their monocausal paradigm that they simply ignore them.

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