Best 2016 quote

“We here at the Daily Stormer hate all non-Whites, and believe they should be exterminated.”

Andrew Anglin

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  1. And that guy continues with an article about American politics…

    I tried to listen to a random Trump’s speech ten days ago. It started quite well, even reminded me of Adolf with his talking about peace and obedience. Until 35:54 into the video. He then calls faggots “wonderful Americans”, and when the crowd reacts positively, cheers them. He should’ve added “We’re all faggots now”. Disgusting. (link)

    That’s why I would deem even shitting-in-the-open Indians as more civilized than pidoras-loving Americans. There’s nothing shameful about defecating per se (now-extinct Aryans of India had sewage 4k years ago when Nordics lived in barbarity), willingly destroying your own country is worse. Imagine, even Negroes in Africa have more credibility in this issue!

    At least, the murderer of Whites, the Jewish president of Ukraine Poroshenko makes funny faces and reads poems. (link)

  2. Anglin is going to the right direction with Daily Stomer’s Systias. I guess, just like you would write a book in Spanish about Aryan childbringing, only Anglo-Saxons can lead their own peer and kind.

    Anyway, it is a major offensive for Aryans after 1945’s defeat.


    • andrewYes, I had noticed that DS article today. But Fight Club that Anglin mentions there is an horrible example. The author is homo and the whole film is for degenerate whites.

      What I meant about childrearing is novel: non-abused children will never become mentally disturbed in the ethnostate (tip: some parts of my texts on abusive childrearing that are already translated).

      Look forward for Syssitias being formed.


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