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  1. Mr. Tort,

    Thank you for the wealth of knowledge and perspective I have gained from reading your website and the West’s Darkest Hour.

    I have been going through a massive awakening in the past several years that has radically changed my views on everything. I have to say that while I am certainly not as well read as you, I still wholeheartedly agree with your positions. I have so many questions but this interview helped to sum things up quite well.

    I have one question though. Like you I am a Mediterranean mudblood white. My mother is of English/;Norman stock and my father is Italian. I have very clear Med features and often people ask me if I am from places in the middle east, though my skin is quite pale.

    I personally have no large family to gain culture and history from. My Italian grandparents did not teach Italian to their children and they all live in separate parts of the USA hardly ever speaking to my knowledge. Growing up I always felt a huge loss of something but I did not know what. Raised in a broken, dysfunctional american home I developed strong anger and hatred at a very young age. I have no past and no future culturally it would seem.

    My question is where does one like me fit in to all of this? I feel that more pure Aryan types would never fully accept me. My italian grandfather was a lothario who fathered an entire other family in NY whom I have never even met. My Italian grandmother was from southern Italy. potenza I believe. I always hated my near niggerish nappy hair which no doubt comes from that mongrelized side of my family.

    Is children out of the question for me if I wish to propagate the white nordid and red nordid phenotypes?

    It would seem that you also believe courtship and proper marriage/family for the betterment of the race is also not an option at this time due to our cultural and spiritual malaise. The vast majority of white women I have watched with my very eyes become murderers of their own children and shameless whores deserving of nothing but scorn and contempt.

    I desire family like any man for the purpose of my own genetic legacy but it would seem I was born in the wrong time period to do so. In that vacant hole there is a black pit of righteous fury boiling over inside. I am quite ashamed at myself for not grasping the ostrich necks of nearly every person I see and choking the fucking life out of them. Watching those soul less eyes go dead would bring me a warm joy.

    Is my only option to become a lone wolf/destroyer and villain to the androgynous hordes of genetic dead ends?

    I wish for nothing but the best and strongest to survive as you have stated. I sincerely want to do all in my power to preserve the white race and ensure it’s ascendance. The weak deserve to perish.

    I nurse my unending hatred like it was my own child. I stoke the flames inside my heart and prepare for the day I will unleash hell.

    What am I to do?

    • If you know Spanish, read my books.

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