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  1. BRAVO!!!

  2. This is hardly fair considering that most “women” born in the West have been specifically brought up to be little more than girls. What do you expect when our society both requires little of women and, following Christianity, condemns as much as they could bring?

    If you look to the ancients, you see clearly that women were revered in their wisdom. Gaelic and Germanic mythology both speak to reverence for women; the prevalence of Goddess worship amongst the Romans and Greeks speaks for the classical reverence of women. That modern women are, like modern men, predominantly little more than overgrown children isn’t a reflection on women at all: it’s a reflection on society.

    The kind of view espoused by Mr. Linder will forever keep our women down – which, in turn, will keep our men down. The need is for mutual support: all must raise all, whether man or woman. I agree that no-one (again, whether man or woman) should follow anyone where their reasoning and intuition would lead them elsewhere. But this is an issue for all people, not just for men as concerns women. Anyone who would follow another against themselves is a fool and a slave.

    For such a thing as the above quote to be said, I shudder to think of the quality of women that Mr. Linder can have met in his life. For my part, most of the women I’ve spent any amount of time with have been eminently intelligent, conscientious, practical, and possessed of penetrating insight. They are no less than men, merely different. Which is superior: oak or ash? Elm or yew? To what purpose would you put the wood? This is the mark between man and woman: difference of function, not of merit.

    • As to western and racial preservation, most white women are traitors, according to the stats. For instance, recently women’s suffrage gave the victory to the non-nationalist candidate in Holland. And that is the tip of the iceberg of how they generally lean to the Left.

      Click: here.

    • Basically I agree with Ghost.
      With every statement in words one has to consider from whom the words are coming, to consider the context so to say.
      The words just reflect Alex Linders attitude towards women and there is no way to find out if maturity or frustration speaks here.
      Maybe he just met the wrong women but then he was unaware.

      Man and women function just differently. certain questions I would never ask them, like in the field of beta science or technology or military issues or politics.

      • You have not read the text linked in my comment above, have you?

  3. Yes I did. War of the sexes you mean? The first part about animal sexuality is too long and should be shortened. But your part after that is quite clear. I agree mostly but dont want to stick to a biological determinism in case of women and assume they have also a spiritual level. But if that is not the case a whip should be a useful tool.

    By the way, Holland just does not interest me anymore. It is so rotten that it is a lost case, and Dutch women indeed have a way too big mouth abouth almost everything. The Dutch parliament is filled with it, and the prime minister is a “household homo”!
    The thing that itches me the most about northwestern Europes women is that they have lost real femininity. The Brits are the absolute pitbottom.
    In the past I have known eastern woman and then one realises what we as man are missing on the front of sensuality.

    • Indeed. A woman from Bulgaria I met in Manchester student house contrasted drastically with the other women there.

      • Exactly. Such experiences one needs to be able at all to have a founded opinion about the degeneration in the west. I have to admit that being a long time in India away from Europe and the Dutch for the first time I realised how fucked up most people in northwest Europe are.!
        It is a privilege to know other cultures and to compare. But this idea does not get through the very thick skulls of most white nationalists. Most of them have a petty myopic view on our situation.

  4. You should not be so negative about women. Google: Mathilde Ludendorff.

    • We are not talking about all women.


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