The word “racism”

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  1. “What Is Racism?” by Thomas Jackson is a good article. But it does not go to the root of the problem: Christian ethics.

    See also “The Heresy of Racism” that a website of the Orthodox Church published online.

  2. Excellent. I am a racist and a White supremacist, the White race is superior to all other races, that’s a fact not an opinion.

    Another early pre-1945 use of the word racism was by the Jewish ‘sexologist’ Magnus Hirschfield who wrote a book against racial discrimination in 1938 called Racism. He also coined the term transsexual in 1923 and carried out the first sex change operation in Germany from 1921-1930. That is where the whole transgender insanity begins. Hirschfield is also known for his advocacy for homosexual’s and women’s “rights”.

    • “the White race is superior to all other races”

      Why then, did it succumb to christ-insanity?

      • In physical beauty, empathy and in the highest IQ specimens (160) whites are superior. But we suffer from mass psychoses once in a while (1600 years ago with Constantine’s mess and today).

      • Other races have succumbed to Christ insanity also but they haven’t become suicidal like us because of it. Although I’ve got no proof of this, I’ll make a prediction and say Whites will overcome Christianity and embrace racism again. Then the world will know the meaning of White supremacy.

  3. Dear Cesar Tort,

    Your analysis is excellent, well-documented and has a depth of perception which I miss a lot in ethno nationalist writings. I am a declared enemy of Christianity, and I see that religion as the main culprit in the degeneration of the white race that we witness today. I read all the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and his statements gain only in meaning.

    I wondered also why we couldnt use the word racism extensively in a totally new context and meaning. One has to be creative in that. This is what fails in the Alt Right.


    Vig Scholma

    • Thank you. I read Nietzsche 40 years ago and at that time I didn’t understand his POV. Welcome to this blog.

  4. To their credit, Jews correctly foresaw that a race of men resorting to salvation by proxy could easily be reduced to servants of niggerdom. Meanwhile, jews have skimmed the best of White DNA. I’m not sure they’re not already “Whiter” than Whites. In the same period of time, White Nationalism has been reduced to the refuge of self-defeating christards.

    I don’t think I have anymore hope. Anger, yes.

    • Thanks for commenting here.

      I don’t get The Right Stuff in many ways. First they publish this pious Christian piece on Fatima. Then you linked to the above article at the disqus comments section of that piece: here.

      But that disqus page does not link to the original article of the RS blogsite; and if you go to the blogsite the comments don’t appear there (unlike RS, in The Daily Stormer, which also uses disqus, at least the most notable comments appear below the main article).

      As to the content of the comments section, I was dismayed to see so many Christians cheer that a traditionalist Catholic article on Fatima was published yesterday at RS. These guys are so ignorant on so many levels that I don’t know where to start!

      padre_saenzFor example, one of the commenters mentioned “sedevacantism”. I come from a very Catholic family, and my father used to talk about Fatima. One of the central figures who promoted sedevacantism, Father Sáenz, celebrated my parents’ marriage mass and baptized me. In fact, the pic that appears on the Wikipedia article of Sáenz is taken from my First Communion. I have written about him and Fatima in my latest book in Spanish, Exterminio.

      I mention this because these RS commenters and authors have no idea how much I, as an apostate of the Christian faith, know about these ideas. They are repeating the mistakes that my father committed throughout his life.

      Yesterday, after visiting my stats page and see that flood of visits from RS’s disqus page thanks to your link, I was astonished to see the quantity of pious comments in a supposedly notorious “racist” site. Aryan preservation and Portugal’s history are simply not compatible. It’s like trying to mix water and oil into a single substance! I said I didn’t know where to start. Maybe here—:

      “Portugal and the one-drop rule”

      —an article that I might keep for the 2017 edition of The Fair Race. As I have said before white nationalism, including the stuff published at the RS, is not a destiny: only a stepping stone.

      • Below is a link to a 3 minute video I made recently in which I laid out my understanding of the lethal relationship between christianity and White genocide.

      • I am so sad to learn of the coming fate of Dylann.

        Jack Frost has something to say about him in my main blog (WDH), and in another entry, about the Christian concept of the human “soul”:


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