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“The greatest obstacle to the survival of our race is Christianity.”

William Pierce

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  1. The greatest obstacle to the survival of our race is failure to reproduce. If Christianity is the primary reason Whites are reproducing less, then it is the primary obstacle to the White race’s survival.

  2. Be precise. The quote is about survival, not about reproduction.

    Of course christianity is the ultimate cancer of the soul , just like judaism, but what are you going to do about it? Even nuking the Vatican when they have all the priests together there would not take away the harm that has been done to the Aryan .

    • No Vatican nuking. My proposal is to “aufhebenize” Christianity into the psyche of post-Christian whites. (The Hegelian verb Aufheben translated to English means to sublate: the suppression and assimilation of both, the previous thesis and antithesis.)

      More on this in my books in Spanish (some of this already in Day of Wrath).

      But this should be rather discussed at WDH.

      • I read your English texts in Day of Wrath. How are you going to achieve that goal? It will implicate a total reprogramming of humanity, or lets say the Aryan. This task can only be accomplished by a new religion, a new spirituality. No therapy efforts will do the job.

      • See my today’s exchange at Facebook: here.

        PS. After a couple of days I delete most of my FB posts, including the one linked above.


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