Still rooted in Americanism

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  1. There is nothing said too much in this article. Pure truth! The right words. I see a race war of global proportions as inevitable.

    The best thing would be the simultaneous collapse of world economy, because that would destroy the grip of jewdom and its offspring, predator-capitalism on the ethnic groups of the world. Only the toughest and the most creative will survive, and that will be the white race.

    • Amen.

      • Thank you. What I said a lot of people feel it in their guts but dont have the clarity to verbalise it.

      • Do you know my post “Ethno-suicidal nationalists”?

  2. If I’m not mistaken, the author believes Christianity can be a part of a National-Socialist country. Add IronMarch to the list of ethno-suicidal nationalists?

    • Per Hitler’s table talks, Christianity would be allowed but it will die of natural death. (I don’t know what the author of the article says about it.)

      Are IronMarch those guys that want to move to Spain with no takeover of the state?

  3. IronMarch hosts a Christian podcast and employs authors that admit to the faith’s origins – only to shill for it after such an admission! The rank-and-file IronMarchers I’ve dealt with were unhinged, to say the least. But, they still get some things right. “Zero Tolerance” being one of them, for the most part.

    • I was confusing them with The Iron Legion.

      • “Zero Tolerance” is an article by Slavros/Hangman hosted on the Noose website. Slavros founded IronMarch (a fascist forum), of which Noose is a subsidiary. Noose hosts “Mysterium Fasces” which is a Christian podcast.

  4. The enemy’s side has organized intelligentsia along with their dumbed down robot drones and most of our side doesnt even know what a Jew is. That’s a big problem. The only thing that could possibly upset the balance is planetary wide cataclysmic event, (Planet X, coming soon), but then their side also has underground facilities and massive food and technology stocks. If we have any subversives amongst them, that would be good, but we don’t seem to be connected except in a spiritual or ideological way and will have to be able to identify each other after this “event”. I am a 53 year old woman and the only thing I can do is spend my life exposing our proven mortal enemies, best I can, at every moment I can and hope I am effective to some degree. There is no hope for humanity until the ((((demon-spawn-parasites)))) are liquidated from our world.

    • Your POV is myopic. See my intro texts about the collection The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour in the main blog (and if you can afford it, purchase a copy).

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