Nordic blood will save the world, not Jesus

Today I received this wonderful mail:

Hi Cesar,

I saw your message on Twitter in response to Our German Ancestry’s tweet and was going to reply but decided I’d email you instead as I had too much to say for the Twitter space.

I’ve been thinking about how Nordic blood is really the most precious treasure this planet possesses at this point in time. Certainly of all creatures on earth, the Nordic is the natural aristocrat, but I emphasize Nordic blood rather than Nordic Man because men are born and die but the bloodline that gave them their greatness existed before them and will continue after them. Plus, you need Nordic women to continue the bloodline as well, not just Nordic Men.

Alfred_RosenbergI understand better now Alfred Rosenberg’s ‘Religion of the Blood’. It is not a religion in the conventional sense of faith in a god/gods, but rather a rational religion that recognizes ‘only in pure blood does God abide’. Nordic blood is truly holy and as Rosenberg himself said ‘Nordic blood represents the mystery which has replaced and overcome the old Sacraments’.

Biology precedes truth, and science even because without his inheritance of good blood, Nordic Man would never have evolved away from primitive superstition and developed Science (which was then learnt/copied by the East Asians, Jews etc.). So in order to preserve Science and Technology, mankind needs to recognize the importance of preserving Nordic blood which precedes everything. The Jews seem to have realized all this before Aryan Man because Judaism is very much their own ‘religion of the blood’ though Jews are of course of impure mongrelized blood and they strive to maintain their impurity in opposition to the Aryan who strives to keep his blood pure.

The bottom line is, survival of pure Nordic blood is the most important task at this moment in time. That is more important than any meta-physical ‘God’. Nordic blood will save the world, not Jesus.


Tell that to those white nationalist charlatans who have granted amnesty to the mudbloods! At 29:40 of this interview for example, Richard Spencer said that, for him, an Italian of Moorish ancestry “is absolutely white.”

And in 34:50 of this other video Spencer, now with a black eye, said: “National Socialism was a disaster,” with emphasis in his voice.

You gonna be called “Nazi” anyway and be punched again, buddy. Better start growing up…

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  1. Hi Chechar,

    I just wanted to share these ideas about survival with you and your readers:


    To preserve the European race, we need the total collapse of the system, not just political but also global economical collapse.

    Also, did you know that Jared Kushner (the husband of Donald Trumps daughter) did is internship at the office of Robert Morgenthau, who is the son of Henry Morgenthau Jr. who authored the famous Morgenthau-Plan for the enslavement of the German nation?

    • I didn’t know. Any source?

      And yes: I agree that we need total collapse. That’s why I am a fan of Austrian economists who predict that the dollar will crash.

  2. Hi Chechar!

    The Euro will likely crash long before the dollar.
    America seems quite strong. Not because of Trump, but because they still have huge natural resources and still attract many capable, hardworking people from all over the world, in addition to their many homegrown talents. They still have lots of oil and coal reserves and much hydroelectric potential. They will thus most likely remain the dominant military power in Europe and the Americas in the next decades, if no extraordinary events happen (like a violent sun storm or a meteorite shower on the Northeastern U.S.).

    Regarding the Trump-Kushner-Morgenthau-connection:

    1.) “[Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner] interned at Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau’s office […] .”
    source: link

    2.) “[Robert Morris Morgenthau] is the son of […] long-time Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr.”
    source: link

    The Jews chose Trump as their “transition President” to lull the White Americans into sleep during the transition of the US to non-White majority. The Jews trust Trump 99% because his three oldest children are ALL married to Jews! The children of is two oldest sons will be halakhically jewish because their mothers are Jewesses. And his daughter’s children are also jewish because she converted!

    Also interesting (off-topic):
    Homeschooling is outlawed in most countries of the world. Especially countries like Germany and Sweden enforce this without compromise.
    The reasons are laid down here, seriously: link

    Best regards!

    • “The Jews chose…”

      With all due respect, that is paranoia.

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