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Last year a friend recommended me the great work of William Gayley Simpson, Which Way Western Man? that can be read online. Simpson lived 99 years and wrote that huge work, of 775 pages, throughout most of his life.

I have read some chapters of Which Way Western Man? and was impressed that, before the internet age, Simpson managed to move from an altruistic Christianity to a stance in which he defended Hitler. I will not read the whole book. It is a mixture of disparate writings. One of the earliest dates from 1930, the chapter dedicated to Jesus; another, his already racist view on life, of 1977.

Simpson could have become a B-type bicausalist, blaming Christianity even more than Jewry, since after his Franciscan stage he became a fanatical reader of Nietzsche. For example, on page 18 of Which Way he says about his Franciscan venture: “It was full of Christian pity. It is no less than a crime against life when the superior is sacrificed to the inferior… the kind of thing the great scholar and musical authority Schweitzer did for years in the jungles of Africa”.

This seems to vindicate what I have said about Albert Schweitzer. In another confession, hundreds of pages later (on page 499), we see how Simpson’s Christianity was involved in what Nietzsche calls the inversion of values:

In fairness to myself and to my reader, I must remind him that I approached this question, forty years ago, very definitely from the equalitarian side. In my student days, and for the nine years of my Franciscan venture that followed, with a belief in “universal love” and an outlook on life very like that of St. Francis of Assisi, I quite ignored race, and discounted it. Wherever I went, in our South as in our North, in the Orient as in my own country and among my own kind, I met men as I found them, and valued them for the worth that I sensed in them as individuals, without regard to their race, their nation, their family, class, or any other feature having to do with their origin or their associations. Provided that there was health of body and mind on both sides, I even openly declared my readiness to sanction racial intermarriage.

But it was my Christian tradition and my ignorance that spoke thus.

Let’s jump other hundreds of pages forward. On page 708 Which Way contains a passage summarizing the English Revolution in a couple of paragraphs:

In the reign of Charles I, King of England from 1625 until he was beheaded in 1649, the Jews had already been outlawed from English shores for about 350 years. Driven out of Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492, many of them swarmed into Holland, where they soon made Amsterdam the financial capital of the world. Meanwhile England, without any Jews, had prospered mightily, had come to be known as “Merrie England,” had produced Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Age, and had destroyed the Spanish Armada; and by the time of Charles the First was showing signs of that expanding vitality that was to make her the greatest empire-builder in all history. This caused the Dutch Jews to lust for readmission to English soil, inasmuch as no animal makes so desirable a host for parasites as one that is healthy and growing. Cromwell came into a collision with the king that developed into a civil war.

He required money and all things needful for his army. The Jews agreed to be the suppliers on condition that, should he come out on top, he would have the ban against them lifted. In a few years the king’s head rolled, and Jews, mostly from Holland, swarmed in. Within two generations, they became the dominant financial power in the land and, as we have already seen, the Bank “of England” was set up, which, with its acknowledged privilege of enjoying “the interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing,” became the model for all the central banking systems with which the Western world was gradually saddled.

On pages 755-6 Simpson responds to a liberal in such way that he should be cited today:

The very men of whom you have been at such pains to make mock, even in our universities —Gobineau, Chamberlain, Spengler, Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, H.F.K. Guenther—yes, and Adolf Hitler and Lincoln Rockwell, too— we will gather up from the scrap heap where you have thrown them and done your best to bury them, and we will wash them clean that they may be seen in a true light for what they were, and will set them up before us as our exemplars, our teachers, our heroes and our inspirers.

Although Simpson never surpassed his bicausalism type-A, it is worth reading, in 762, how he portrays the Jew:

But in any case, so long as we retain control over our own society, we must establish it as our undeviating and relentless aim to make and to keep our people homogeneous. The Jews, of course, to their last gasp, will resort to their utmost cunning and marshall all their strength to bring any such effort to naught. For they know full well, as already observed more than once, that it has been only by maintaining an attitude of abhorrence toward all mixing with aliens that they have survived the centuries and have come to be the power in the world that they are today. And they are no less aware that the only means by which they can keep a creature of our size in leading strings to them is to get us to swallow the poison that they themselves keep so far away from, until we become a race of enfeebled, fawning, mixed-breed curs.

In that same page Simpson even vindicates nordicism: a taboo subject for the white nationalists of today:

Also, with homogeneity as our goal, we must sternly shut our doors against all immigrants who are not White. Indeed, in my own judgment, we should be wise to reject even those White people who do not stem from the countries of northwestern Europe.

It is a disgrace that books like this one, published in 1978, have not been reedited, translated and found in the bookstores of the West.

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  1. William Gayley Simpson is one of the few post-WWII movement figures to almost reach a level on quality on par with the National Socialists. He doesn’t really offer anything new, most things he writes about had been said and written before, and more importantly acted upon before, during the National Socialist era. But he is a worthy continuation of the White racialist movement.

    Simpson is also one of the few post-1945 Nordicists along with Savitri Devi, Roger Pearson (who founded the Nordic society Northern League), William Pierce, Wilmot Robertson (publisher of Instauration magazine) and several others who’s names escape me at the moment.

  2. Cesar, I followed the link to here that you gave me at your chechar.wordpress.com website. Until now I didn’t know that you have two different websites on wordpress: 1) your old website at chechar.wordpress.com, and 2) your new wordpress website at caesartort.wordpress.com

    For more than a year, I only knew about your old chechar website and was notified by email whenever you added a new article there, which was very infrequently. But, because you never informed your readers at the old website that you were posting more at this new website, I wasn’t getting any email about new articles here.

    Cesar, you should put some kind of prominent notice at your old website that most of your new articles are being posted here. I’m sure I’m not the only one of your long-time readers who are ignorant about your website change and have been missing what you’ve been posting here at caesartort.wordpress.com

    • Dear Kurt,

      I did advertise this Addenda in WDH. But now I’m leaving home to take a relative to (oops the church!) to provide the specific links in the main WDH blog.

      If you search “addendum or “addenda” within WDH, I’m sure you will hit this site. For example, the "Here: an article explaining National Socialism" at the top of my WDH’s sidebar links to a piece in this Addenda.


  3. Here’s a dictionary definition of the word “addendum”: “an item of additional material, typically omissions, added at the end of a book or other publication.”

    When I see that word, I think it’s something minor. Also, I’m not a beginner on the subjects you cover, and I don’t bother looking at what you have in the sidebar. I’m only interested in your new articles. Thus, my above complaint about my ignorance that most of your new stuff in English is happening here at this caesartort.wordpress.com website and not at the old chechar.wordpress.com website.

    Also, adding a comment here only shows one checkbox “Notify me of new comments via email.”.

    But at the chechar website, adding a comment shows two checkboxes: “Notify me of new comments via email.” but also “Notify me of new posts via email.”

    This second checkbox “Notify me of new posts via email.” should also be here, so that I can be notified by email whenever you post a new article here. Whenever I commented at your old chechar website, I always checked both boxes.

    • I’m back from church.

      I don’t know how to change the subscribe button.

      Yes: the title “addendum” is defective. Any suggestions to change it? Originally, my idea was to publish the heavy stuff at WDH and the light stuff here but changed my mind: I started to add articles here that have bluish pics—a color that doesn’t match with the background color of WDH.

      Presently, it is so important what I say on the first page of WDH (links to my two books in English) that I don’t want to post there until I finish the book I’m writing, or when something enormous happens.

      P.S. Perhaps, of the recent articles in this “addenda” you don’t want to miss the September interview.”

      • You said in your above reply but then edited it out (the emails I got showed your original reply and the revisions):

        You can subscribe to this Addenda though. See the notice on the sidebar: “Follow Blog via Email. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 79 other followers”.

        Okay, I did that and will now get the email notifications I want when you post new articles here.

        You say:

        P.S. Perhaps, of the recent articles in this “addenda” you don’t want to miss the “September interview.”

        I’m already in the process of reading the articles and comments here, so I’ll get to that article soon.

        You say:

        Yes: the title “addendum” is defective. Originally, my idea was to publish the heavy stuff at WDH and the light stuff here but changed my mind: I started to add articles here that have bluish pics—a color that doesn’t match with the background color of WDH. (Any suggestions to change the title?)

        Instead of “addendum” how about something more descriptive, such as “New Articles”.

      • OK: I’ve changed the blog’s subtitle and, if you look closely, the text at the sidebar’s top as well as the content of the sticky post.

      • Okay, your changes here are an improvement.

        Perhaps also something short at the top of chechar.wordpress.com pointing over here 1) for new articles, and also 2) saying briefly about the “Follow Blog via Email” in the right sidebar over here.

      • I’ll think about it.

        By the way, have you seen the aphorisms I collected yesterday from our heroes in my Twiiter page?


      • Oh, you’re on twitter now, at https://twitter.com/CesarTort

        I’ll read it soon.

  4. Just received my copy of The Fair Race from Lulu and recently finished Day of Rage. Outstanding work!

    • Where is the Donate button?

    • Thanks Mac.

      It is in my main page:


      But I can add it here too.

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