Suicidal nationalists

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  1. A very much appreciated critique of my own deeply felt ‘Americanism’. Rooted in the conception of ‘Rights’, established in the sympathy of ‘Christian Ethics’, beholden to courtesy towards women which meanders into feminist recognition, and a typical stooge of “Consumer society”. I am not a free thinker, but a product of a decadent culture.
    Thank-you for helping to awaken me.

    • Thank to you, Matt and welcome to this forum! Your words remind me what another guest said a couple of months ago:

      Anglin doesn’t know anything about Hitler, he thinks Hitler was a Christian man, didn’t hurt a hair on a jew’s head, and obviously didn’t get the Nordic memo, as he worships Slavic mongoloid people like Putin.

      What most of these wigger nationalists want is capitalism without the jews or brown people, to still be able to wear their air Jordan shoes around and still have all the new gadgets. They are not interested in smashing Mammon, or fixing the internal jew. Whites are just as greedy in this system, and they will take their place.

  2. Having read this wonderful analysis again, its brilliance is overwhelming in the totality of its analysis. It reminds me of Hitlers initial written explanation of the problem of Jewry when queried by his superior officer.

    I am also of the opinion that Jewry through B’inai Brith and the Mossad has been infiltrating White Nationalist organizations from their inception.
    Look at the havoc that The National Alliance fell into, or how Kevin Alfred Strom was clearly ‘set up’, or the ridiculous trial of Edgar Steele leading to his death in prison. I doubt that the fracturing of the ‘movement’ is merely the result of egotism and a lack of strategic oversight, but a constant insurrection utilizing psychological, financial, and judicial harassment.

    Obvious examples are the Southern Poverty Centers ruin of other White Nationalist organizations through suits.

    One can only wonder at the advances that would have been made if The National Alliance had formed a party around an attractive candidate who had, as Trump proclaimed, advocated a ‘Wall’ – the Mossad would have shot him, as Wallace was shot in ’68, but that would have been so blatantly obvious that it would have propelled the movement forward!

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