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In his latest article, “Who are We? Nordics, Aryans, & Whites” Greg Johnson said:

Imagine, for instance, the feelings of a Greek or Italian American toward William Pierce’s National Alliance if he read Pierce’s Who We Are, in which he laments that the Nordic invaders of Greece mongrelized themselves with the indigenous European populations rather than exterminating them to keep their blood pure—an exterminationist agenda that he envisioned for the future in The Turner Diaries. Such attitudes follow logically from the premise that Nordics are the only authentic Europeans, which implies that non-Nordics are lesser men.

So here we go again. The important thing is avoid hurting the feelings on non-Aryans, not the preservation of Nordish whites like Johnson himself!

In the comments section Johnson said about Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans: “It is one of the dumbest books I have ever read.” And that “There is no evidence that Rome fell due to race-mixing.” But Rome and Greece fell precisely because they mixed their blood with non-whites, as can be seen not only in March of the Titans and Pierce’s Who We Are but in a couple of articles that I translated (here and here).

Johnson also said that the Portuguese’s mixing their blood with negroes had nothing to do with the decline of their empire—ignoring the fact that today’s Portuguese have lower IQs precisely because those negro genes! (here).

(Incidentally, I have noticed that American white nationalists are utterly ignorant of the history of the Iberians, including what the Spaniards and the Portuguese did with their blood in the Americas—sans Jews.)

Johnson’s outburst today in the comments section of his webzine is the sort of thing that moves me to keep a healthy distance from white nationalism, which I consider phony from the viewpoint of a priest of the fourteen words.

On Arthur Kemp

by Edwin


Kemp is the most outspoken public figure I noticed who advocates the desperate Orania-style solution (isolated Aryan outposts) in his book Nova Europa: European Survival Strategies.

Kemp’s solution is only viable if you agree with Alain de Benoist and much of the French New Right (Faye excluded) that it’s far too late to achieve any success through revolutionary party politics; that some sort of political accommodation with the hordes of non-whites now invading Europe like a swarm of locusts will have to be made.

I read the above mentioned book after being very impressed by March of the Titans. I came away bitterly disappointed. He’s actually one of the few men out there who has an accurate view of history yet he won’t fight.

March of the Titans:

The Complete History of the White Race

by Arthur Kemp

(an Amazon book-review)

This book is without a doubt the best history book I have ever read. Instead of just a list of facts and dates, this book explains the underlying causes of the rise and fall of civilizations.

I remember back when I took history classes in High School. They would always open up the first day of class with the question: “Why study history?” The most popular answer was: “To learn from the past and not repeat the same mistakes”. However, as the school year progressed, we never discussed any lessons learned from history, we just were told to memorize a boring list of facts and dates and remember them for the exam. One thing that High School teachers never even attempted to answer was why civilizations rise and fall? In particular, why some civilizations seem to last for millennia, while others fall in a couple of generations.

Since High School, I have read many books describing how civilizations fall because of climate, religion, morality, warfare, disease, and pretty much any environmental concept one can think of. However, these reasons were never convincing, since almost all civilizations have been through hard times, but where some have failed, others have survived.

The answer this book gives is also the most intuitive and simple one. It states that a civilization is just a product of the people who live in that civilization. When the genetic makeup of the people changes, so does the civilization, creating the illusion of “rise and fall”. That is all there is to it. People create civilizations in their own image.

This simple fact explains why the civilizations in the middle East fell, why Egypt fell, and why Greece and Rome fell. It also explains why civilizations like China, have remained pretty much intact from antiquity to the present day. The answer is that genetically, they have remained Chinese during this whole time.

As politically incorrect as this concept of history is, it is the most powerful concept I have encountered thus far. It is to history, what Newton’s Laws of Gravitation are to physics. For the first time, history makes sense and is predictable.


See excerpts of March of the Titans here

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