The Pearl of Brabant

Painting of the day:

Dieric Bouts
The Pearl of Brabant
(detail) ~ 1468
Alte Pinakothek of Munich

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Venus Citerea (detail)

Jean Massys
Venus Citerea
(detail) ~ 1561
Stockholm Nationalmuseum

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The Wedding at Cana (detail)

Paolo Veronese
The Wedding at Cana
(detail) ~ 1562-1563
Musée du Louvre

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Summer Allegory

Antoni Viladomat
Summer Allegory
~ 18th c.
National Art Museum of Catalonia

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Lake of Albano and Castel Gandolfo

John Robert Cozens
Lake of Albano and Castel Gandolfo
~ 1783-1788
Tate Gallery

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St Mark’s Column in Venice

Painting of the day:

Richard Parkes Bonington
St Mark’s Column in Venice
~ 1826-1828
Tate Gallery

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On the Galilean Sea

Christ on the Sea of Galilee
~ 1575-1580
National Gallery of Art

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Jonah leaving the whale

Jan Brueghel the Elder
Jonah leaving the whale
~ 1600
Alte Pinakothek of Munich

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Susannah and the Elders

Albrecht Altdorfer
Susannah and the Elders
~ 1526
Alte Pinakothek of Munich

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Negroes & English roses…

“I’ve never seen a real nigger, only in pictures.”

“Lucky you! That was kind of the idea behind the Revolution, sweetie, so you wouldn’t have to see one.” said Jenny.

Freedom’s Sons, page 579

As I said in a comment of my “parting word,” only if I have to say something important I would do it in this addenda to The West’s Darkest Hour.

Presently I am in the United Kingdom and am extremely dismayed at the quantity of both mixed couples and general miscegenation and fraternization among whites with non-whites in a country that still produces some of the most beautiful Aryan women, previously known as “English roses.”

I first visited London in 1982. I was not racialist but my mind did not register non-whites then. Now, in 2014 I see that the native English have become a minority in their own capital. If it were not for a surprisingly large amount of beautiful blond children and adolescents I’ve seen in London, some of them tourists I guess, I’d have no objection in nuking the Sin City.

Even at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, where I had to pay £40 for a seat to watch Anthony and Cleopatra, several Shakespearean actors are now Mulattoes and Negroes; and among the audience I had to watch a pubescent white girl being fondled by a dark Indian while watching the comedy. If we keep in mind that the Englishmen of other times treasured their Roses you can imagine the astronomic shift that has taken place in the island since I was born more than half a century ago.


To boot, during my visit to the Guildhall Art Gallery I discovered that it was closed for reparations until September, which means that I won’t see the collection of nymphs depicted in the pre-Raphaelite masterpieces.

In contrast to the paintings that I expected to see in real life but couldn’t, in this visit to the UK I have been bombarded with street and subway photos showing blacks everywhere as if they were the legit inhabitants of this country! A London Forum member told me that the media is even portraying blond women with black husbands and coffee-and-milk kids as something cool and fashionable. Even the front cover of a promotional brochure of the Museum of the Bank of England, that I visited, has a black girl beside a pile of gold bars.

Fortunately, the English are as crazy Keynesians as the Americans, which means that the coming crash of the dollar will drag the sterling pound too bringing this multiracial utopia into utter chaos.

PS of 28 August:

I’ve left the United Kingdom by now. Kevin MacDonald has published an article on an epidemic of non-whites raping pubescent white girls in the UK that perfectly diagnoses the runaway insanity in the UK. This is one of MacDonald’s phrases in the article: “This is a pathology so extreme that it should really be considered a collective psychosis.”

PPS of 7 September:

See also Andrew Hamilton’s article: here.