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Suicidal nationalists

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Dylann in his own words


I have no choice. I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and fight. I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country. We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet.

Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.

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Photo of the day


Whitefrost over Pestera village in Romania, land of fairy tales (National Geographic).

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Bullied and Badgered, Pressured and Purged

Handle's Haus

This is a placeholder website for the chronicling of … ‘The PC Inquisition’ isn’t too far off. Bleg from all of you to help me expand it via crowd-sourcing. The dates are not consistent, sometimes it is from the ‘offending event’, other times it is from the purging or just the publication dates of the news stories. As of 11-JAN-2015, this post has now been read by over 30,000 people.

  1. 10-OCT-1959: Revilo Oliverpurged from National Review.  A complex personality – the sixth generation in his family to bear the burden of a purposefully palindromic name.  Archive at
  2. 20-APR-1968: Enoch Powell purged from British Conservative Party.
  3. 1969-1973: The ‘original’ race and intelligence ‘controversy’ hysteria over Jensen, Herrnstein, Draper, Wilson, and Shockley, et al. (see also Sociobiology)
  4. 19-OCT-1974: Sir Keith Joseph deemed ineligible for Chancellor of the Exchequer for this notorious speech.
  5. JAN-1984: Ray Honeyford forced…

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Two quotes

I have been criticizing Greg Johnson for several reasons but I agree with the below quote from one of his articles:

The existing American system has driven white birthrates below replacement while flooding the country with fast-breeding non-white immigrants, both legal and illegal; it promotes racial integration, miscegenation, anti-white discrimination, multiculturalism, and diversity worship; it denigrates white achievements and pathologizes white pride and ethnocentrism while stoking non-white resentment, entitlement, and truculence; and it apparently has no brakes.

If these conditions persist, our race will become extinct. And since genocide is defined not merely as killing a people outright, but also as creating conditions inimical to their long-term survival, the present system is not merely anti-white, it is genocidally anti-white.

Franklin Ryckaert said this month:

“Non-racism” is utterly racist itself, since it assumes that all non-Whites can be Whites in behavior and achievements. By that assumption it takes “Whiteness” as the norm for all non-White races.

Egalitarianism is the root of all problems, both in inter-class and inter-race relations. The slogan “ALL MEN ARE UNEQUAL” should be written in gold in all our public institutions.

This resonates with our brief manifesto in the sticky post above.

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Photo of the day

Furthering the chiaroscuro theme with one of many beautiful works by Desiree Dolron.


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Bob Whitaker’s “mantra”


Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, Mexico for the Mexicans, White countries… for everybody.

Whenever you hear the words “social injustice,” “prejudice,” or “inequality,” substitute these with the words “white culture.” People who want to eliminate “social injustice,” “prejudice,” or “inequality” really want to eliminate white culture.

Whenever you hear the words “white privilege,” substitute these with the words “white civilization.” People who want to eliminate “white privilege” really want to eliminate white civilization.

Whenever you hear the words “racist” or “racism,” substitute these with the words “white person.” People who want to end the existence of “racists” and “racism” really want to end the existence of white people.

The anti-racists say they are against white racists, white racism, and white privilege.

What they are really against is white culture, white civilization, and white people.

They say they want a world without “hate,” without “racism.”

What they really want is a world without white people, a world without you.

Anti-Racist is just a codeword for Anti-White.

When non-Whites pursue their group interests it’s called “civil rights.”

When Jews pursue their group interests it’s called “lobbying.”

When Whites pursue their interests it’s called “White Supremacy.”

Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White.

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