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The Western psyche has been neutralised after hundreds of years of universalist indoctrination by the Christian churches (“we’re all one in Christ”)… The core belief of colour blind Christianity is to bring salvation to all tribes. Nation is irrelevant, salvation in Jesus is everything. Marxism preaches the same messianic nation-wrecking ideology.


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“The greatest obstacle to the survival of our race is Christianity.”

William Pierce

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The multicult has absolutely nothing to do with either reality or liberal, universal values of non-discrimination. The multicult is not anti-racist. The multicult is disguised anti-white racial hatred. And combined with open borders and forced integration it becomes genocidal.


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“We here at the Daily Stormer hate all non-Whites, and believe they should be exterminated.”

Andrew Anglin

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Christians will always put Christ above their Race-Soul. Or as Alex Linder put it: “Christian or white man. You can’t be both.”

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“‪Even the pro-white ‘movement’ seem beholden to this irresistible death-wish. No matter what we do, maybe all we can do is commit racial suicide.‬”

—‪Joseph Walsh

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14 words Header

“The White ethno-state will have to be at war perpetually against practically the whole earth in order to achieve the 14 Words.”

Joseph Walsh

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“The problem with Christianity (and the reason why the Jews are able to use Christians to their advantage to further their agenda of promoting the extinction of the White race) is that Christianity is founded upon the principle of altruism.”

Steven L. Akins

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“Whites seem to have this knee jerk response in giving approval to other races but the empathy is rarely reciprocated. It’s like living in a fantasy. I guess the desire to avoid being called ‘racist’ is so strong in some people they’d rather see their entire race collapse than be called the R word. But the other races don’t seem to have this handicap.”


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