The Day of the Rope

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  1. I bet Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity (‘I have evolved on amnesty’) would have an immediate bowel movement in their panties if they were to find this website and read the above outstanding article.

    And, Chris Matthews would probably have a shiver running down both of his legs, as his sphincter muscle control disappeared and his bowels began to rapidly empty.

    Incidentally, I’m not a gastroenterologist expert or anything. Just a guy with occasional strong hunches about things.

  2. Cesar,

    I wanted to let you know that MacDonald is censoring posts at TOO.

    There is a new blog post on TOO concerning secession in the USA. I made the following post which was deleted.

    It may be a good idea for you too write a short piece on each TOO essay/blog post so that people can comment on it at WDH, which MacDonald would censor at TOO. He’s not such a big fan of free speech as he likes people to think he is.

    My deleted post:

    “It can’t just mean that states and counties bow out of the USA based on something as silly as party affiliation. It must also mean that all Jews, non-whites, and all homosexuals are forced out of those areas. These must be areas that come to be known globally as all-White, family-friendly, Jew and queer-free areas.”

    “Of course, none of this is going to occur without a protracted period of violence.”


    • Of course: MacDonald is a conservative, not a revolutionary. It’s almost the same mentality that moved the censors of YouTube to remove the video I embedded above. Sorry that I am responding in 2014 what you commented in 2012…


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