FRDH – revised edition

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  1. Dear César,

    Sounds great, thanks for your fine work!

    I have a great desire for a future edition of FRDH: It is wonderful that the printed book (soft-cover) is so cheap and therefore—like the Bible—available for everyone. I bought a copy and it is fine. But I am really looking for an edition in a smaller size.

    BTW: German readers could find translations of FRDH here:

    • I really like what you have been doing in your German blogsite, Richard. The people that need the most this kind of info are all sort Germanics (Nordics, etc).

      It’s a pity that Lulu does not print smaller books if they exceed some pages. I could try Lulu’s “Royal size” which allows, I believe, 730 pages. But that’s a lot of work and I don’t even know how many have purchased the old version (the one you got).

      If it was a bestseller I’d immediately put it in the smaller Royal size, which Lulu prints only as softcover.

      I’d also make the Lulu editions available from Amazon. I cannot do it now because I cannot afford any copy, and Amazon’s stipulations are that you must purchase at least a single copy of the printable edition of your book to make it available from Amazon Books.

      Anyway, keep doing the good work. ☺


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