FRDH – revised edition


I’ve done some changes
to the second edition of
The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour:


“On Hitler” by Ciaran, and an epigraph by Hyperborean in that 500-word article, have been added

• A good amount of texts from the Brazilian, though not all, have been removed

• Unnecessary long passages or footnotes from the essays by Yockey, Liaucius and Sunic have also been eliminated

• The title of the article by Auster, and another by Ryckaert et al, have been changed

• The sloppy syntax of the last essay, “Why I am not a neonazi” authored by me, has been corrected (the revised version of this article has been updated: here)

These minor mistakes have been fixed

• An anti-psychiatric footnote has been added to Sunic’s essay “Race and religion” as a note from the editor

• The old PDF of The Fair Race has been deleted, only the new one is available (see my main blog’s sidebar).

Below this entry you can see three pieces: “A haunting novel,” “Why can’t we talk about IQ” and “The color of crime,” two of them by Jared Taylor. These had not been added to my blogs before my compilation of articles for either edition of The Fair Race.

As to the printed books, the now obsolete version is still available from Amazon Books, which is much cheaper than the hardcover, updated edition which illustration appears above.

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  1. Dear César,

    Sounds great, thanks for your fine work!

    I have a great desire for a future edition of FRDH: It is wonderful that the printed book (soft-cover) is so cheap and therefore—like the Bible—available for everyone. I bought a copy and it is fine. But I am really looking for an edition in a smaller size.

    BTW: German readers could find translations of FRDH here:

    • I really like what you have been doing in your German blogsite, Richard. The people that need the most this kind of info are all sort Germanics (Nordics, etc).

      It’s a pity that Lulu does not print smaller books if they exceed some pages. I could try Lulu’s “Royal size” which allows, I believe, 730 pages. But that’s a lot of work and I don’t even know how many have purchased the old version (the one you got).

      If it was a bestseller I’d immediately put it in the smaller Royal size, which Lulu prints only as softcover.

      I’d also make the Lulu editions available from Amazon. I cannot do it now because I cannot afford any copy, and Amazon’s stipulations are that you must purchase at least a single copy of the printable edition of your book to make it available from Amazon Books.

      Anyway, keep doing the good work. ☺

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