National Socialism

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  1. healthy NS

    Greg Johnson’s critical comments—conquering the Judaized Soviet Union by the first Aryan empire? The horror!—remind me that white nationalists subscribe the old axiological paradigm. But not every commenter in that Counter Currents thread subscribes the editor’s values.

    Any nation that allows itself being polluted by non-whites (in the case of Russia, mongolization in previous centuries and, in the last one, Judaization especially under Lenin) deserves to be conquered by a healthier Aryan nation.

    P.S. of 27 March 2016:

    Alex Linder nailed it:

    Great comments, Mike. It’s a decent essay, but you pointed out the problems in it…

    Well, the politics that beat jews wasn’t Anglo and wasn’t merely political. It was German NS weltanschauung that put paid to the kikes in a time and space. Weltanschauung is all encompassing, far deeper than petty partisan politics. It operates in the same sphere as religion and competes with it. Other put, christ-insanity is one weltanschauung; national socialism, or potentially white nationalism, is another.

    Source: here.

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